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On December 23, 2015 by Novita Karana


Some of my clients said to me  “You live in paradise”
This words make me proud of being Indonesian. Yes, i’m so lucky to live in paradise.


Travelling overseas is a luxury thing that everyone dream of. For me? Yes, of course. I’m agree that travelling overseas is very cool. I want my passport got stamped as many as the immigration can give. If they can give my passport more than 2 stamps, then I will let them to do it. :D

These are my poins that make people (include me) travelling overseas :
– Tired of daily activities with high stress level. You won’t imagine that  Jakarta City can make 15 kilometers takes 2 or 3 hours to reach, sometimes.
– We want to reward ourself for our hardworking
– We want to have cool instagram gallery, who doesn’t want?
– Stamps on passport, because some people love to collect something and love being compete.
– We want to see new place and experience new culture

My first overseas destination with my own money was Bangkok. All my friends that have visit Bangkok said it’s cheaper than Singapore. Everything is cheap,  both meals and souvenirs. So the return ticket issued and I planned to visit Bangkok on my birthday in last 2013. This first trip successfully changed me until now.


I quit my job as UI Designer, and start to work as travel consultant. I hand on domestic and overseas trips. I learn dealing with customers. I learn to sell my own country at travel exhibition in ATM Dubai, CITM Shanghai, ITF  Taipei,  MATTA Kuala Lumpur, sales mission in Philippine, and table top Vietnam. I also met Indonesia Tourism of Minister, Mr Arief Yahya at Arabian Travel Mart in Dubai. I love to contact tour operators, create own itinerary for tailor made trip, follow up customers, make a deal, and take care request details like halal meal and other preferrence menu request.
And i enjoy myself hear my clients’ stories about the beauty of my own country.
Some clients said to me “You live in paradise”.

And that words make me proud of being Indonesian.

And I found myself love these job:
I found myself watching google maps for hours to learn the destination that I’ve to create for itinerary tailor made trip. It tooks time to learn and create the itinerary for the destination that I never visit before.
I found myself love to search photos that make the proposal looks beautiful.
I found myself love to create charm wording for the email.
I found myself looking at excel file, doing calculation for quotation .
Yes, this is my place. This is my home. I feel the spirit that makes me alive.



And I reached my milestone to travel solo for 6 days. My destination was Vietnam. Why Vietnam? These are my reasons to pick Vietnam as my first travel-solo destination:
– Vietnamese coffee was very good
– Vietnam has Ha Long Bay, one of UNESCO Seven Wonders of Nature. For first time solo traveller, of course visit one of UNESCO sites was excited experience.
– I find Vietnam especially Saigon / Ho Chi Minh is a backpacker friendly city.

And, returns ticket to Saigon was issued to make the journey begins. You can see my experience at Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh here.  I got “punch” at my 2 days 1 night Ha Long Bay Sailing Trip. At that time, I had conversations with my new family in the junk boat that changed my travelling style. Everyone tell stories about their country, the culture, their travelling habbit, and this sentence came:
“So, you live in Indonesia. Tell me about your country”

*insert sfx grasshopper*



At that time, I only visited Bali, Yogyakarta, and some other cities in Java Island. They only know Bali, and some of them already visit Bali. Most of overseas people if i ask about Indonesia, all that comes to their mind is Bali. Although Bali is awesome in its own right, but Indonesia is a whole great place to visit and has much to offer.
At that time, I didn’t have many stories to tell since I’m not experience and don’t have enough product knowledge of my own country. What a shame.

After that night, I have a mission. My new mission is to explore my own country. And get informations as much as I can, then share in my own blog.


6 months later from that trip, I start to visit some highlight places of my country and..

I find myself love to persuade overseas tourist to visit my country.
I find myself learn Indonesia map, location of some islands, since Indonesia has  17.508 islands
I find myself love to make map direction picture to give information where’s the island located.
I find myself love to make route direction picture to complete my story.
I find myself forget where I put my passport.

and the most important, I find myself learn and love my own country.

So, thank you for my family at Ha Long Bay Sailing Trip, now I quit my 9-9 job and jump into travel agency that I made myself and my team. So, booked flight ticket to Indonesia, anyone?

picture taken by Marina Lewis

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