The Colourful Lombok

On April 8, 2016 by Novita Karana

The Colourful LombokThis year i got change to visit Lombok Island. Actually, it’s my first time visit Lombok Island. Very excited! Thank you Mr. Heri, Shiril, Mami Tantri, Lieke, Uni Dian, Putri, Sevan, Vero, Abeng, Mr. Sahlan for made this trip happen.
The word “lombok” means “straight”, for local people. And the word “lombok” in Javanese means “chili”.

Lombok island is a part of Nusa Tenggara Barat, and 
has been recognized as the world’s best halal tourism and honeymoon destination in a recent event held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, last year.

‘€”This is a prestigious award and should be able to sharpen Lombok’s positioning as a world-class halal tourism destination especially to grab tourists from Middle Eastern and other Muslim countries,”€ said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. Lombok can be reached by flight, 2 hours speed boat from Bali Island, or 5 hours ferry from Bali Island.

When i told my friend that i want to visit Lombok, we had a conversation like this:
She: “Don’t be surprised if you find yourself crazy at Sade Village”
Me: “Why?”
She “You will find colourful handmade bracelets with very nice detail and colours composition. You will buy lots!”
And yes, she’s right!

Lombok is a place to admire the beautiful pristine beach, enjoy night life at Gili Trawangan, swim and snorkeling at Gili Nanggu, chillin and listening acoustic at cafe in Senggigi, eat the famous Taliwang Chicken (a whole chicken, but comes in small size), try making the hand weaving fabrics, and last but not least: shop colourful hand made bracelets!

So, i will suggest some itinerary for you to explore Lombok:

When you only have 2Days 1 Night, of course you can explore lots of highlights in Lombok.
Day 1: Choose early flight – arrive in Lombok 08:00AM – take day trip to some of the Gili – check in hotel at Senggigi Area – Chillin at Happy Cafe with nice accoustic music.
Day 2: Wake up in the morning – Check out – take Sasak Tour (Banyumulek the pottery Village- Sukarara Hand Weaving Village-Sade Village-Sasak Village) – Kuta Beach – Tanjung Aan – Batu Payung – fly back to your home with last flight.

When you have 3Days 2Nights, of course you can explore lots of highlights in Lombok.
Day 1: Choose early flight – arrive in Lombok 08:00AM – Gili Nanggu Snorkeling Day Tour – check in hotel at Senggigi Area – Chillin at Happy Cafe with nice accoustic music.
Day 2: Take take day trip to Gili Air – Gili Meno – Gili Trawangan – back to Senggigi area, or stay at Gili Trawangan for experience the club (beer are cheap, for Rp. 20.000/bottle)
Day 3: Check out – take Sasak Tour (Banyumulek the pottery Village- Sukarara Hand Weaving Village-Sade Village-Sasak Village) – Kuta Beach – Tanjung Aan – Batu Payung – fly back to your home with last flight.

LOP-mapThe reccommended direct flight schedule from Jakarta City for the itinerary above:
Jakarta (CGK) – Lombok (LOP)
There’re some schedules with different rate from some airlines:
05:00AM – 07:55AM by Lion Air
05:50AM – 08:55AM by Garuda Indonesia
Lombok (LOP) to Jakarta (CGK) :
There’re some schedules with different rate from some airlines:
08:30PM – 09:35PM by Lion Air
07:40PM – 08:40PM by Garuda Indonesia
The return flight price around Rp. 1.000.000 – Rp. 1.800.000, depends on your luck.

How to reach Lombok from Bali?
There’re some ways to reach Lombok from Bali:
1) By flight, only 30 minutes
2) By fast boat from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan, 2 hours 30 minutes
3) By public ferry boat from Padangbai  to Lembar, 5 hours

the giliesA Hi from some of the Gilies

I want to share some pictures of some of the Gilis that i’ve visited: Gili Trawangan, Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, and Gili Kedis. Both are awesome and hot (of course).  The picture above taken from traditional boat to Gili Nanggu. So, enjoy the pictures:

Gili Nanggu1) Gili Nanggu
The hidden Gili located at the west side of Lombok, Sekotong Area.
Gili Nanggu is small island where you can snorkeling, sunbathing, and swimming around. It’s not touristic place. So, you will find less people here, usually native tourists love to do snorkeling here. Snorkeling here was awesome! From knee lever water, you can meet big fish, and some unique fish like this:Gili Nanggu Fish“What did you find, mam?”, asked a native woman to my friend.
“I found a blue star fish and one fish with horns”, said my friend.
And we saw the two beautiful creatures together :)

There’s no restaurant or warong at Gili Nanggu. So, better prepare some snacks and mineral water from the city.
The nearest restaurant is located at Gili Sudak.

Gili Sudak2) Gili Sudak
Usually the daily trip will stop here for lunch. Gili Sudak also located in Sekotong Area, and it has warong that sells grilled fish, pasta, and some rice. The price is fair enough around Rp. 25.000 – Rp. 30.000 for one meal. You will lunch while watching the beautiful view of sea, sky, and hills. Near Gili Sudak, there’s a star fish spot. You can play with them, and take picture with them. Here some photo of the menu in Gili Sudak:
menu in Gili Sudak

Gili Kedis3) Gili Kedis
This Gili located in Sekotong Area, and has shape like heart. If you have drone, you have to bring your drone here for taking aerial pictures. Gili Kedis is the smallest island among the two islands above. In 2 minutes, you can walking around the island :D
Gili Kedis with sea shell sellerWe met old man who sells seashells souvenirs with his traditional boat.

The Hot Gili KedisGili Kedis was so hot. So, it’s fine to use umbrella, here, right?  :D



welcome to Gili Trawangan4) Gili Trawangan
Welcome to the Worldknown Gili Trawangan, the famous one among the tourists. Gili Trawangan feels very peaceful in afternoon, and getting alive in the night. There’s no motorbike or car in Gili Trawangan. The main transportation is Cidomo (cart with horse, can fit for 5-6 persons) and bicycle. So Gili Trawangan is an island without pollution.

What to do in Gili Trawangan
Snorkeling at Gili TrawanganSnorkeling, of course.
At afternoon, i did snorkeling at the front of Villa Ombak with my friend from Padang, Uni Dian. We were looking for fish. I found myself had a fish spa for free after swim 10 meter from the beach side. There’re some fish that eating my skin. It feels cool. After swimming another 30 meters, i found some bat fish. YEAY!

Chillin waitin sunsetChillin at Cafe with Ocean View
Lot’s of cafe laying at the beach side view. You can dropped by and celebrate the afternoon while waiting sunset here.

Datu SwingPlay with Datu Swing, will be the higlight of your Gili Trip.
Watching sunset at wooden chair in Ombak Sunset and play with Datu Swing is one of the hype activity in Gili.  I prefer to take bicycle to explore the island, since Villa Ombak give free rent bicycle for their guest. It takes 20 minutes cycling from Villa Ombak to reach Ombak Sunset. There’re 3 swings at the beach in front of Ombak Sunset. The middle one is very popular with the longest queue, because it has sunset in the centre of the swing. Don’t be surprised if you see photographer. If you don’t bring your camera, you can ask them to take your picture, and pay later.

Gili Trawangan at nightClubbing at Night
At the night, the atmosphere will be different. Gili Trawangan comes alive! You can enjoy the atmosphere by cycling to the clubs-line area near night market to feel the real Gili Trawangan. House music everywhere. Some people were dancing in the street.  I saw the sign that one of the entrance fee only Rp. 10.000 and small bintang costs Rp. 20.000/bottle.
Be careful, some cyclists already got drunk. Just watch if there’s a cyclist with upnormal move :))
I also find some minimarkets only sell cold drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, and condoms. No snack or anything else.

Some Beaches and villages at Lombok that impress me:
When we are talking about beach, Lombok is serving the same beauty as Bali. I found Lombok interesting because of the beaches having its own character and uniqueness. So below are some beach with it uniqueness:

batu payung1) Batu Payung
A non touristic place but the local surround here were tricky!
Batu Payung or Umbrella Rock located near Tanjung A’an Beach. To reach there, you have 2 options:
-Take a walk for 30-45 minutes, or
-Sailing with traditional boat for 8-10 minutes for one way (the beach boy will say 20 minutes for one way)
Since we didn’t have many time, we chose to sail with the boat.
There’s no fix price for return boat transfers to Batu Payung. You have to ask the local, and the beach boy give you price as they wish. When we come, they offer Rp. 400.000 for return boat. We thought it’s very expensive.
So we agreed to forget Batu Payung and come back later. We back to the car and discuss for the price, so we agreed to bargain for Rp. 250.000 for returns. And i opened the car’s door and asked the beach boy:
“Could we go for return boat for Rp. 250.000?”, i asked.
“Wait, i have to ask my boss, the owner of the boat. Wait here, mam”, he answered me.
Five minutes later, he came back and said the boss are ok with Rp. 250.000 for return.
And we had the deal!
batu payung2
And here we are, inside the traditional boat.
In my opinion, Batu Payung is very instagramgenic place. There’s some coconut seller surround there. The coconut sellers chased us to buy the coconut. Upon arrival and stepped our feet on the sand, a coconut seller come to us,
“A coconut, Mam? Fresh Coconut from the tree”, he said while showing the coconut to us
“No, thank you. We just want to take picture here” my friend replied with grumpy face.
And the coconut seller sit under the Batu Payung with grumpy face.

I have tips for you when you arrive in Tanjung Aan beach, and looking for boat. Some souvenir sellers will come to you, some of them chase you, push you and offer they stuff.
“Maam, souvenir Mam, very beautiful hand weaving fabric from Lombok”, she begged.
Don’t ever answer with word “Later”.
One of my friend replied,” Later, ok, we want to see the Batu Payung first”
The sellers gone one by one after my friend said that.

Pushy Sellers at Tanjung Aan30 minutes after we had fun in Batu Payung, and walk into the car, the seller came to my friend, hold her hand and said, “Maam, you said later, so you will buy this fabric, right?”, she begged
“No, i don’t like the fabric”, my friend replied with smile
“You said you want to buy my fabric. You have to buy”, she added with a pushy voice and came closer to the car.
” No, I don’t want to buy” my friend replied with grumpy voice
And then we got into the car, lock the door, and asked the driver to start driving.
The seller still wave her hand to lure my friend heart.

So, never say “Later”. Better say “No, thank you” when someone offer you souvenirs and you don’t want to buy. MIHIHIHI


Tanjung A'an2) Tanjung A’an Beach
Tanjung A’an Beach also very nice and suits for swimming because the waves are smooth with relatively shallow depths. Pantai Tanjung Aan is surrounded by several hills. You can easily reach the hill, if you want to see panoramic beautiful view. One way to enjoy Tanjung Aan is to sit under the umbrella, enjoying coconut you can buy around the beach.





Kuta Beach3) Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is the famous one. Everyone want to take picture at the signboard written KUTA BEACH.
If you want to buy handmade bracelets, pearl and souvenirs with cheap price, this is the place. When we arrive and take picture here, some cute kids approached us and offer the pearls and hand-weaving fabrics. They’re really nice and not to pushy like woman seller at Tanjung A’an. On the way from Kuta Beach to Mawun Beach, you will see a breathtaking scenery along the way. I took the picture below from the car:
view from kuta to mawun




mawun beach4) Mawun Beach
Mawun Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach and also become my favourite. The white sand beach is flawless like you see in the picture above. I felt this beach is the hottest one with Lombok’s weather around 30-33 degrees Celcius. So if you want to tan your skin, Lombok is the best place to visit. Just laying andsunbathing here around 30 minutes. I guarantee your skin will get tanned like mine :D  If you take a panorama picture in Mawun Beach, you will got a result like the picture above.  One of the best things about this beach is the shape of the shore that looks like a crescent. The beach is having a curvy shape with hills on each point





selong belanak beach5) Selong Belanak Beach
“Selong Belanak Beach is a heaven for newbie surfer”, the guide said.
For non surfer like me, i’m happy with acitivities such as sit under the umbrella while eating grilled corn, watching the sunbathers trying to make their skin tanned, see the local dog walking and begging for food, and take photograph from the shades. Selong Belanak Beach can be said as one of the most prestigious beaches. Same as Mawun Beach, Selong Belanak Beach also has shape of the shore that looks like a crescent. The beach is having a curvy shape with hills on each point.The length of the coastline is not less than 1 km. Selong Belanak Beach has the glittering soft white sand and sloping contour. The wave is not so high and the water is perfectly clean. In Selong Belanak, you can buy proper lunch like pasta, fried rice, and also it has grilled corn.selong belanakDomestic tourists will say “OMG, it’s very hot here. I think i will stay at the warong with shade”.
In the other side, i found Germany friend comment on my pic above, “You should do sunbathing and laying on the sand. NOW.” :)))


handmade bracelet6) Sade Village / Rembitan Village
Here, you can see the traditional house of Sasak Tribe. There’re 150 houses here. Each houses has a small hut to sell their hand-made product, made from thread. I found colourful handmade bracelet, hand weaving fabrics, bags, and scarf.
My favourite is the bracelets. It the best bracelet i’ve ever see. The colour combination is very beautiful, and also the pattern. Some fact of the bracelet from the seller:
– The Sasak Woman spend 4 hours to make the pattern bracelet.
– The most favourite pattern is bracelet with LOMBOK text written.
– The bracelet has 2 price.
– The simple one which has one colour, or two mix colours costs Rp. 10.000 for 4. See the left picture above.
– The complicated one with pattern and colourful thread costs Rp. 10.000 for 3. See the right picture above.

For Sade Village and surrounding, i captured some images:
Sade Village

So, are you ready to explore the Sade Village and shop till drop for fabrics and bracelet?

sukarara7) Sukarara Hand Weaving Fabric Village
Sukarara Village is a hand weaving fabric village. Here, you can try how to weave the fabric.
Sasak woman will teach you how to play with the thread. I found it’s easy to do, but it takes long time to finish 2-3 meters fabric. In my opinion, the key is passion.
“One fabric take times 1 month, for the standard pattern. For the complicated pattern, it will took 2 months”, she said.
“Oh wow. And how much the price for one big fabric”, i asked.
“Depends on the pattern. The price starts from Rp. 250.000 – Rp. 3.000.000. You can see the fabric at the store”, she replied.
And at the end you can give donation for the lesson. Pay as you wish, just put some money to the bowl near the woman.
sukarara traditional lumbung
Sukarara also has traditional lumbung where you can take picture. I think the lumbung is a well maintenance.

8) Banyumulek Pottery Village
I didn’t have time to visit here, but my friend did, and he said the pottery is very good quality.
Therefore, in this village were born many talented hands with skill to create pottery with export quality. Types of pottery which is produced usually for daily needs, such as the barrel that served as a water jug that serves as a drinking place, the trash cans were used to landfills, and others. Nowadays, they also make pottery for decorative elements, such as ornamental garden or hotel room or home. I will update the photo of pottery later.

9) Lingsar Temple
If you want to feel religious harmony symbol, you can meet it at Lingsar temple. This temple is considered to be a symbol of harmony between Hindu Bali Lombok and Islam Sasak Lombok. This temple was built in 1714 by comer from Bali and has been renovated.

Visitors to Pura Lingsar are expected to wear a sash or sarong to enter the temple. If you forget, there will be vendors outside happy to rent you appropriate clothing. You can also explore the temple’s outer buildings without any special dress requirements. The northern, elevated part of the temple is the Hindu section, while the Wektu Telu worship in the southern section.

If you visit this place at full moon around October or December, you will able to see War Topat, or Perang Topat (a type of rice cake wrapped in woven coconut leaves).  Perang topat is purposed to beg for rain and prosperity. Basically, this ceremony tends to be Hindu Bali way, but the use of ketupat is the Islam people’s characteristic. During this festival, representatives of the Hindu and Wektu Telu communities put o­n an elaborate costumed parade and then square off for a wild mock battle in which the weapon of choice is ketupat balls of sticky rice wrapped in coconut leaves. See? What a harmony between Hindu Bali Lombok and Islam Sasak Lombok.

Before entering the temple, we saw hard boiled egg sell at the street.
“Hmm, do the egg sell for snack?”, i asked
“No, the hard boiled egg is for feed the holy eels. The eels may come, or may not come out of their hole. It depends on your luck. It’s considered good luck to feed them. “, the guide explained
I didn’t buy the eggs and directly entered Pura Lingsar.

IMG_8724 We find a fortune pool. We can make a wish and throw the coin. If the coin fall into the pool, it is said our wish can come true. My friend throw the coin for 5 times, of course she has a lot of wishes. There’s a holyspring with the holy water that make you looks always young. That’s why along the way to the temple we saw lots of empty jug seller. Everyone of us wash our face and drink the water.

“Don’t drink the water too much, you will looks young forever”, the guide said.
And we laughed together.

Children of RinjaniAlso, there’s a row of wrapped up rocks. The rocks were taken from Mount Rinjani, Indonesia second highest volcano. The guide made us count from left to the right, for 4 times. After counted for 4 times, we tell the number. I count 36 rocks, and it was correct! yeay!

And we enjoy the story of the Lingsar Temple, especially the anti-aging-holy water and a coin throw pool.


Lingsar Temple9) Narmada Garden
Narmada Garden has size around 2 hectares acres, was built in 1727 by King on Lombok, Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem. This place was built to celebrate Pakelem ceremony, which held every full moon Caka fifth year (October-November). Beside the place for Pakelem ceremony, Narmada also used as a resting place of the royal family during the dry season.
Me at Narmada

The name is taken from Narmadanadi Narmada, children are very sacred Ganges River in India. For Hindus, the water is a sacred element that gives life to all beings in this world. There’s a place like temple at the left side where you can drink anti-aging-water, with additional charge. I didn’t enter the temple, because i already drink anti-aging-water in Lingsar Temple for free (small donation only)



Lombok Culinary Meals
Lombok has many culinary meals that you’ve to taste. Most of culinary place located around Mataram Area.
Some of Lombok culinary that i tried:

1) Nasi Balap, or Race Rice in English.
Local usually eats this menu for breakfast. Basically it’s one portion rice with bean vegetable, chicken chop, and one chicken drumstick. It cost Rp. 20.000 with chicken. You can ask the guide for stopped by at Nasi Balap Warung. Don’t miss the chili condiment. It tastes very good!

Ayam Taliwang2) Ayam Taliwang, or Taliwang Chicken in English
Our friend did treat me and my friend for Taliwang Chicken in the local restaurant named RM Taliwang Khas Pak Udin located at Pejanggik Street No.22, thanks a bunch Mr. Sahlan!
The number one signature dish of Lombok is Taliwang chicken. You can choose your chicken to be grilled, or fried.
I had conversation with the chef when ordered the menu:
“Sir, i want to have rice and drumstick part of the chicken, please”, i said.
“Don’t worry, you will the whole chicken, head, chest, and also leg”, he said
“WHAT? But i can’t eat a lot”, I added.
“No, you can eat the whole chicken, trust me”,  he added for assured me.
“Ok Sir, then i’ll wait”
And I introduce you the famous Taliwang chicken, to be grilled. A small whole chicken!
The taste was pretty good and a little bit spicy, in medium level.

Sate Rembige3) Rembiga Satay 
There’s area in Lombok called Rembiga. It’s famous for the satay made from cow meat.
Thank you Zefan for guided us and reccommend this place.
In Java Island, a portion of chicken satay comes with soy sauce, red onion slices and peanut sauce.
In Rembiga satay, you will find a different way. The satay will come with nothing. Just a portion of grilled satay.
The taste? Don’t underestimate the look. You will ask for another cold water after eat three or four satay.
The taste was super spicy, in high level.
The chef rolls the satay into special condiment before grill them. The special condiment makes the taste very spicy.
You can ask for rice or rice cake to accompany the satays.

Sup bEB4) Bebalung Soup
Another must try dish at Rembiga satay is Bebalung soup. Bebalung soup also made from cow meat.
Bebalung means wrapped. So the wrapped cow bone will come inside the bowl.
The sauce was spicy, but mild than Rembiga satay.

Happy Cafe4) Happy Cafe
This place is very happening to relax, hear life acoustic music while you sipping your drinks. Usually this place is full house in the weekend. Most of the guest are native people.

So, are you ready to get tan in Lombok? Let’s do it!

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