Teddy Bears, Kitkat Monster, and Bubble Gum Milk

On November 15, 2013 by Novita Karana

Who doesn’t love teddy bear? Most of children love teddy bear, include me. Not only children, this fluffy and furry character also be loved by teen and adult. Mr. Jones’ Orphanage knows this and make teddy bears as main theme of the cake shop. We know this adorable place from @Wisnude and @ThailandYuk, he put this place to our itenerary. Nonok (my teddy doll) was happy, he met his friends at Mr. Jones’ Orphanage.

There’re two Mr. Jones’ Orphanages in Bangkok.
First place at Seen Space on Sukhumvit Soi Road, you can take a tour and look at http://mrjonesbangkok.com/
Second place is at Siam Centre Mall.
We went to Siam Centre because its location is more strategic. But if you have spare time, you should go to the one at Sukhumvit Soi. The interior and decoration more more more more amazing :>

How to get there?
When you go with BTS, exit at Siam, walk to the Siam Centre and take the right escalator (see arrow on the picture). The escalator will guide you directly to the Mr. Jones’ Orphanage and you will see the sign of Mr. Jones Orphanage. There are two places of Mr. Jones. One at right side of escalator, and one at left. I suggest you take the left, because the left has train railways and more more teddy bears, and the right side doesn’t have. If you’re lucky you don’t have to queue and wait, but in afternoon you will queue to get you sit. You can see some people queue at my picture below, they were waiting for empty table to sit.

How’s the decoration?
I feel like i threw back to childhood memories when i step my feet to this cute shop. The main decorations are made from wood and teddy bears. This two combinations absolutely make you feel warm and happy. After main gate, you can see a full table of cakes and sweets that shows on the center, with big clock at the ceiling.

You can order by directly point at the cakes and tell the waiter your table number, or just sweet sit on your tiny chair, see the menu, raise your hand and make order. You should watch your head when you pass the train railway. I got my head hit by the railway after i order cakes :))

The seat and the table are very very tiny and there’s no space for bag at floor. A white teddy bear hanging on the lamp above the table that we sit. Besides me, there’s train rail way and another seats.

What should we eat?
After enter the main gate, you will have first problem question: “which cake should we order?”
I walked around at the display cake for four times to decide what i want to eat. Every cakes make me stop, read their name and imagine the taste, every colourful macaroons make me want to take them all to my table, all mud pie cakes say hi when i pass :)

We ate Kitkat Monster (110bath) and drank bubble gum milk (40 bath). We (I) chose this cake because of the colourful chocolate drops on top of it :9. Kitkat Monster was purrefect for chocolate lover, i can only ate half of this monster, and the another monster is eaten by him. Again, just forget the cholesterol, and the cake tastes very good. I was curious to taste bubble gum milk since i saw their menu on website. The bubble gum milk came in tiny bottle (of course tiny, because the price only 40 bath) :)) The taste is really like bubble gum, and i like it.

Mineral water will be given for free, you can ask the waiters for mineral water. Mineral water comes with vintage rusty mug. Surprise come from the mug, there’s message at the bottom of it. Take a look and you will be smile to message that remind us to brush our teeth after eat something sugary.


Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Siam Center (2F, close to the exit to the Paragon Mall)
989, Rama 1 Rd, Pathum Wan, 10330 BKK, phone: 02-658-11-63
opening hours: daily 11:00 – 21:00

Seen Space
Thong Lor Soi 13 (G F)
Sukhumvit Soi 55, 10110 BKK, phone: 02-185-2378,
opening hours: daily 10:00 – 22:00

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