Stay in Bali only IDR 50.000 per night? Yes, You Can

On October 26, 2015 by Novita Karana

Main entrance of Nyoman Crib
Who say to visit Bali we need spend at least IDR250.000/room/night?
Summon all backpackers! You got the answer for the cheapest room I’ve ever try.
I spent 12 days in Mrs. Nyoman’s home in Ubud on last August only for IDR50.000/room/night.
For Indonesia citizen, 12 days off is a long holiday. Usually we only have 7 days to take holiday. So sad enough. But, we have to maximize the holiday that we have, don’t we? #jadicurhat :))

the alleyIs it still expensive to stay that long in Bali? Let’s do the math.
Stay in local house : 12 nights x IDR 50.000/room/night = IDR 600.000.
So if you come in two persons, cost per person only IDR 300.000 for 12 days. Pretty cheap, right?
Yes, the cost is exclude breakfast. But you can buy breakfast for IDR 10.000/day included chicken and vegetable in Muslim Warong. Nyoman’s House location is near from Padang Restaurant and Muslim Warong, for you who want to eat halal food.

Compare the rate with cost to stay in hotel : 12 nights x IDR 250.000/room/night = IDR 3.000.000
Beat that!


The houseThe Homestay Location

Located in the heart of Lod Tunduh, Ubud, Nyoman offers the strategic accommodation that you’ve ever know.
Nyoman has traditional house that very unique. The house contains some small buildings. In the centre, there’s a main part that use for important event. I usually walk to Pengosekan Street for 10 – 15 minutes to have breakfast at Muslim Warung or Kakiang Bakery. If you wish, Nyoman also would love to accompany you to to village trekking start from 6AM. She also has a kiosk at Sukawati Market, sell the paintings.
Mrs Nyoman sitting at the room

My morning viewThe Room and Toilet
The room is simple. With no aircon. But who cares? We fall in love with cheap price, very strategic location, hospitality, and value informations, clues, tricks, and stories from Mrs. Nyoman and her children.
In August, you won’t need aircon. The weather was cold and surprisingly you will find yourself looking for a blanket. For toilet, there’re 3 public toilets and one  toilet has seat closet.
Note: Bring your own towels and toiletries.

The KitchenThe Facility
You can use their kitchen for cooking.
For rice? Yes, you can get free rice from rice cooker.
They let you cook in their kitchen. I did cook instant noodle and make hot water to make a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

There are some reasons that I chose cheap room on my last visit to Bali.
1. Save Money.
First of all, of course I want to save the money.
I feel I don’t need to spend much money on  accommodation.  I would prefer get lots of experiences and want to see more places in Bali. Everyday, I woke up early, eat breakfast, and start to explore Bali. And get back to the room at 10PM or 11 PM. So, hotel room with their luxury facilities is useless for me.

2. Help locals.
I stayed 12 days in Mrs. Nyoman home. Mrs. Nyoman is a single parent who take care of her 3 lovely children, her mom , and one dog. Imagine how hard she struggles the life?
Learn to make offering plate

3. The stories from local view.
The best part is I love to hear her stories about the families, the traditional heritage, the prayer, the offerings. And you can also learn how to make offering for FREE.

Buzzer the dog4. The Pet
And, I also love their dog. Her name is Buzzer. Buzzer always bark to new people for the alert to keep the family save. Everyone who’s coming to the house = Buzzer automatically bark. Buzzer loves Padang Rice so much, especially with the yellow broth. Every night, I bought Padang rice with vegetable and yellow broth for her.
Buzzer is a nice dog, she won’t harmed you. She just barked from a far, and won’t bite or run through you.

5. Got new friends.
During my stay, there’re overseas tourists that also stay in Nyoman’s home.
Miyako, a Japanese girl who stayed for 1 month.  She is vegetarian, and she is the only one who didn’t barked by Buzzer. Nyoman said because she is vegetarian.
Alora and Nikita, couple from Ukraine who stayed for 2 month. They plan to stay for 2 weeks and then end with stay in Bali until 2 month.  They fall in love to Bali more than they predict.
Seeing they love Bali is make my heart warm.

If you plan to visit Bali and want to stay in Nyoman family, drop me message at my email, LINE ID @pinonyuu, twitter @pinonyuu. I would love to share the Mrs.Nyoman’s number. And you can make direct reservation to her and pay directly to her on the spot.

The price for the room:
For Domestic tourist : IDR 50.000/room/night
For Overseas tourist : IDR 100.000/room/night

So, what else that make you waiting to explore Bali in cheapest way? Prepare your ID Card (KTP or Passport), and IDR 35.000 to administration process to RT (head of village). Mrs. Nyoman will take care of your ID photocopy.
And don’t forget to say hi to Pamela Anderson when you make your way to have breakfast at Kakiang.
Pamela Anderson retired and now she lives in front of Kakiang Bakery.

Don't forget to meet Pamela



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