My Favourite Yoga Shala in Bali

On December 24, 2017 by Novita Karana


“What’s the meaning of yoga?”

This question always asked by my guru, Iyan Barlyanta before we start the asana. The class becomes silent.
“Yoga is a unity of body, mind and soul”, he replied after we don’t have idea to answer.
“You have to know what yoga means and then you will love yoga”.
And now we remember what yoga means. Thanks Guru!

I experienced some places around Seminyak and Canggu. My tips:
First, choose what kind of class do you want to join to.
Then, try some places, join to some classes until you find where you suit with.
Usually the ending depends on the teacher: You will find teachers you like and you will follow all their class wherever they teach.

Yoga studio usually offer some types of classes. My favourite class is hatha, vinyasa, and sometimes yin to revitalize the tissues of the body.

I stay at Seminyak, so i frequently do practice around Seminyak and Canggu. There’re bunch of shalas that i didn’t try. I will add here after i tried.

Seminyak-Yoga-Shala1. Seminyak Yoga Shala
This is where my yoga journey starts. This is also my first shala, where i tried yoga for the first time, and where i found the nice teacher, and i start to love yoga.
The shala is small and the aircon not work well. So it’s good to get more sweat. They offer economic package for local 400K for 11 classes, valid for 3 months.
They provide yoga mat (but not in good condition, better you bring your own), block, strap, towel, and mineral water).
The fee per December 2017:
Foreigner: 120K
Local Indonesian: 50K
For more info you can check their schedule here


Desa-Seni2. Desa Seni
This is my favourite yoga shala with open air and surrond by green environment.
Desa Seni is a village resort, but their yoga class open for non in-house guest.
All staff is friendly and i love their dog, named Desa and Seni. Sometimes Seni follows me and sit beside me at the shala.
They provide yoga mat, bolster, block, strap, towel, mineral water and ginger tea.
Sipping hot ginger tea after class at their garden or beside swimming pool accompanied by Desa or Seni will make your day perfect.
My favourite class here is hatha by Carlotta  and bhakti yin by Kevin
Tip: don’t forget to spray mosquito repellent when you choose sunset flow class (around 6pm), and don’t wear black costume. If not, you will end with . The mosquito can bite through leggings.
The fee per December 2017:
Foreigner: 140K
Local Indonesian: 100K
For more info you can check their schedule here

pranava-yoga3. Pranava Yoga
I tried Pranava Yoga and love it! The shala is open air surround by ricefield and catfish pond. You can see palm tree during your downward facing dog pose. My favourite class here is creative vinyasa by Diaz.  Diaz’s creative vinyasa will give challenge at the end of the class.
Because of his class i have the courage to try the headstand tripod, and 2 weeks after i did it :D
They provide yoga mat, bolster, block, strap, towel, infused mineral water.
The fee per December 2017:
Foreigner: 100K
Local Indonesian: 50K
For more info you can check their schedule here

Prana-Spa4. Prana Spa
I love the exterior and interior of their building. Feels like enter the different country in India. The shala is indoor located at second floor. Basically Prana is spa place, but also provide yoga class.
They provide yoga mat, bolster, block, mineral water. Don’t forget to bring your towel.
The fee per December 2017:
Foreigner: not sure
Local Indonesian: 70K
For more info you can check their schedule here

Interested to try? See you in yoga pants, yogis!


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