Malaysia, Home for The Twin Towers

On January 24, 2016 by Novita Karana

IMG_2253On my birthday, surrounded by birds in Batu Cave. And i got unforgetable birthday gift: liquid bird’s poop on my hair :D

I planned to have my getaway for 2 days in my birthday. And next big question was “where to go, where to go”.  And, I decided to visit Malaysia, since the return flight ticket was so cheap. It’s my first time to visit Kuala Lumpur last year. I went there for its Petronas Twin Tower, and my highlights of the trip are for Batu Caves and Container Hotel. Batu Caves is a site of Hindu temple and shrine, located in North Kuala Lumpur. It’s amazed to find this big cave and also big Hindu God statue, since Hinduism is a minority religion in Malaysia. An estimated 9% of the total population of Malaysia are ethnic Indians, of whom almost 89% are practicing Hinduism. And Container Hotel is a hotel that every backpacker dream of, for its sustainable architecture concept.

My Itinerary for 2Days 1 Night
Day 1 : with morning arrival
KL Sentral – Mesjid Wilayah Persekutuan – Pavilion Mall – Petronas Twin Tower – KL Tower – Bukit Bintang – Alor Street
Day 2 : with last departure flight
KL Sentral – deposit bag at KL Sentral – Batu Caves – KL Sentral – KL Railway Station – KTMB HQ –  Islamic Art Museum – National Mosque – Kuala Lumpur City Gallery – Merdeka Square – Photo stop I Love KL – Shopping Souvenir at Central Market – Strolling at China Town – KL Sentral – KLIA with last departure flight.
Because of my limited day off, i squeezed the places into day 2. A little bit tired, exhausted, and you have to manage the time. You can’t explore one area too long. I suggest at least 3 Days 2 Nights to explore Kuala Lumpur.

My Itinerary for 3Days 2Nights
Day 1 : morning flight arrival
KL Sentral – Pavilion Mall – KL Tower – KLCC – Petronas Twin Tower – Bukit Bintang – Alor Street
Day 2 : explore the city
KL Sentral – Batu Caves – KL Sentral – KL Railway Station – KTMB HQ –  Islamic Art Museum – National Mosque – Kuala Lumpur City Gallery – Merdeka Square – Photo stop I Love KL – Shopping Souvenir at Central Market – Strolling at China Town
Day 3 : last flight will be better
KL Sentral –  Take Taxi to Federal Territory Mosque (look like Blue Mosque in Istanbul) – Take Taxi to KL Sentral – KLIA – Take taxi to Putra Pink Floating Mosque (near KLIA) – Take taxi back to KLIA

Cheetah-Train-HomepageHow to go to KL Sentral from KLIA or KLIA2?
Upon arrival in airport (KLIA or KLIA2), you have to think why you make yourself reach KL Sentral.
KL Sentral is like main station, located in the center, where you can access the public transportation. Basically the distance from airport to the city is little bit far. I did took taxi and it takes around 1 – 1,5 hours.
So, I think the best way is to experience they coolest public transportation: KLIA Express. I think KLIA Express is a convenience way to take if you are backpacking and not for business trip.

KLIA Express is a premium non-stop high speed train that connect airport (KLIA and KLIA2) to KL Sentral. From KLIA to KL Sentral, the train takes 28 minutes. From KLIA2 to KL Sentral, the train takes 33 minutes. Pretty fast, isn’t it?

The train departs every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 20 minutes during off-peak hours.
KLIA to KL Sentral : first train depart 5AM
KLIA to KL Sentral : last train depart 1AM
KL Sentral to KLIA : first train depart 5AM
KL Sentral to KLIA : last train depart 00:40AM

The schedule is subject to change, you better check their website here.
For the ticket KLIA Express:
Single trip : RM35 for adult and RM15 for children 2 – 12yo
Return trip : RM70 for adult and RM30 for children 2 – 12yo
You can buy the ticket online, print, and scan on the gate to avoid the queue.

Bag-Deposit-LockerBag Deposit Lockers
I used this public service at KL Sentral on the last day. These lockers were pampered every backpackers in Kuala Lumpur. If you take last flight on the last day in Kuala Lumpur and you want to go for full day sightseeing, and then it’s the right choice for you to use this service.
Just go to KL Sentral, and find these lockers near surau / a prayer place for Muslim.
I used the small lockers that fits to 2 Deuter Carriers 30L for RM 10 / MYR 10.

Stay in Kuala Lumpur
Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur? I will write review for hotels that i’ve tried in Kuala Lumpur

IMG_22251) The Container Hotel
Address: Delima Street No.1 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
How to access: from KL Sentral, just took taxi. We try to walking and find ourself get wet because it’s far by walking.
I love this hotel because of the sustainable concept and also how they put the decoration. The receptionist said that the idea was inspired by Japanese concept called “Kyosho Jutaku”. It means living in style on a tiny footprint by only a very small space. We had good time and good hospitality here.

Container Hotel has 3 types of room:
HC7A) Outgoing Room (picture above)
This is dormitory room with double decker bed with AC and shared bath room (hot/cold shower). Available mixed dorm and female dorm.
Price: 35RM/bed/night include breakfast and bottled water
Location: in second floor, container area.
HC6B) Adventure (picture above)
This is my favourite room, but unfortunately the room was full. Adventure Room is a barrel shape room with AC shared bath room (hot/cold shower). I asked the receptionist, the adventure room can fits to 2 person.
Price: 110RM/room/night include breakfast and bottled water
Location: in first floor floor, in front of Conservative Rooms.
HC3C) Conservative (picture above)
This is container room, with double bed, AC and private bath room (hot/cold shower).
Conservative room fits for 2 persons.
Price: 165RM/room/night include breakfast and bottled water
Location: in first floor floor, in front of Adventure Rooms.

HC4Public Toilet
The public toilet is located at the back of the building. They provide around 4 bathroom, include soap and shampoo and hot water.

HC5Breakfast is served in first floor, self service breakfast. Bread with jam, coffee and tea.
I read there’s a bakery 200 meters before the hotel. The name is Levain Boulangerie, you can see the detail here open from 7.30AM. The Container’s public area is available at  second floor with some hammock. But we don’t have time to enjoy the public area.

HC2The plus: new experience, clean and cute property, there’s cha time in front of the hotel.
The minus: far from KL Sentral by walking with sweat (30 minutes), better  take taxi. From Container Hotel to KL Sentral, you can ask the receptionist to order a taxi for you (only 5-10 mintes by taxi). There’s no restaurant or food stalls near by. If you hungry at night, you can take taxi to reach Bukit Bintang area.


View from Room2) ParkRoyal Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Rate: around IDR 1.200.000/room/night for standard room with breakfast for 2 persons
This hotel is very good and strategic location, located in Bukit Bintang Area, opposite Sungei Wang Mall. You can see Sungei Wang Mall from your room. I felt the mall was invite me to do some shopping everytime i see the window :DPR1PR2

The standard room was ok, but the bathroom a little bit small, i think. They provide St. Gregory Toiletries.

Breakfast was awesome with lot of cuisine, like Japanese, Melayu, Chinese, American. And i love their cappucino (You can ask for free, the cappucino that comes from coffee machine). I went here for business trip to attend MATTA FAIR, a travel fair event.

Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur

The-Batu-Cave1) Batu Caves
Batu Cave is located at the North side of the city, this site can be reach by Komuter.
After googled some images, i found this site is really cool, with large statue God of Hindu religion.
The large statue of Hindu God at the entrance attracts all visitors around the world. To enter the cave, you will climb the 272 stairs and got awarded of stunning view of Kuala Lumpur city. There’re monkeys surround the caves. I saw a man that feed the monkey with fruit and bread. The monkey is tame, but still be carefull of your stuff, some times they’re naughty enough.

How to get there?

You can reach this cave with public transportation, i used KTM Komuter from KL Sentral MYR2 for single journey. First, make your own way to to KL Sentral, and buy ticket at the locket to Batu Cave Station.
It takes aroud 45 minutes to reach Batu Caves.
You will pass 7 stations after KL Sentral: Kuala Lumpur Station, Bank Negara Station, Putra Station, Sentul Station, Batu Kentonmen Station, Kampung Batu Station, Taman Wahyu Station.

Gate-and-surroundingThat’s the gate that connect Komuter Area to the site. You will meet some sellers that sell flower for offering and prayers. I saw some people bought the flowers and bring it inside the cave for prayer.
Some monkeys surround the cave. I think they always hungry. I saw a monkey that eat FLOWERS :))

view-at-the-topAnd finally, we reached the top of the stairs. Stand up for minutes to admire the view. And at this poin, i got bird’s poop on my hair :D Boyfriend said it’s a gift from above and i will be lucky to start new age. Amen for that!
At the end, i cleaned my hair with wet tissues. 


And i explored inside the cave. I found big surface and 2 mini temples. Sometimes we got water dropped into our head. There’re some statue and i found alive chicken also. What a random things.

Tips to visit Batu Caves

1) Visit the Batu Caves in the morning. I arrive around 11AM, and the weather is very hot, and a lot of people around. I think the best way
2) Use hat and jacket. I got bird’s poop in my hair when climb the stairs. And it’s not nice to walking around with poop smell in your hair. But, i think it’s a birthday gift from above, yeay!
3) Bring waters
4) Bring bread or fruit, if you plan to feed monkeys.


mesjidwilayahdepan2) Federal Territory Mosque / Persekutuan Wilayah Mosque
The mosque located in Jalan Duta 50480. I’m interested to visit this mosque, since the exterior looks like one of the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

How to get there?
Th location is pretty far from KL Sentral, and there’s no train station near the mosque. The convenience way is to take taxi. We took taxi from KL Sentral. It costs MYR14 from KL Sentral to this mosque with duration 10 – 15 minutes driving.

insidemosqueTips to Visit Federal Territory Mosque / Persekutuan Wilayah Mosque
First, i took the picture of mosque exterior. At that day, the sun drained our energy. So we walk to the mosque and sit for a while in shady place. The guardian smile and asked us where we came from.
Guardian: “If you wish, you can do mosque tour for free. There will be a guide that explain you everything”
Me: “Really? Of course we want!”
Guardian: “Yes, of course! Put your shoes at the rack, and changed the costumes with this. I will take you to the office to do the tour”

And that’s the coolest mosque with escalator that i’ve ever visit . The guide said the mosque’s design is a blend of Ottoman and Malaysian architectural styles, heavily influenced by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

“It has 22 domes made from a composite material of glass fibre fabric mixed with epoxy resin to make it durable and light.”

“This mosque was constructed between 1998 to 2000.The Wilayah Persekutuan (Federal Territory) Mosque was opened to the public on 25 October 2000. It is the 44th mosque built by the Government within the city limits. The mosque can accommodate 17,000 worshippers at any one time.”

IMG_2411And here’s my favourite part is Level 3 – Halaman Nur Hidayah (number 3.2 on map).

mapSince we had limited time, we squeezed the one hour tour to 30 minutes tour. The mosque also has map in every level, so you will never get lost. After the tour we walking back to the office, signed the guest book, our opinion about the tour and they give me magnetic refrigerator and a bottle of cold water. The staff said where will we go next. And one of the staff offer us a car ride to Islamic Art Museum.
Me: “It’s ok sir, we can look for a taxi”
Him: “No, it’s hard to find a taxi here. Let me take you to Islamic Art Museum”

office-and-rideAnd here we are, continue the journey to Islamic Art Museum and discuss about religion and the city. Syukron, Sir!

IAMM1 3) Islamic Art Museum Malaysia (IAMM)
It’s a blessing to get a ride to this museum, syukron Sir!
Islamic Art Museum Malaysia or IAMM was a nice museum. The aim is to create a collection that is truly representative of the Islamic world.  The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia houses more than seven thousand artefacts, as well as an exceptional library of Islamic art books. The art objects on display range from the tiniest pieces of jewellery to one of the world’s largest scale models of the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

The museum located at Jalan Lembah Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, 50480, Malaysia
If you want to take public transportation, the nearest komuter is Kuala Lumpur Station. From Kuala Lumpur Station, you need to walk around 1,5km (20 minutes). If you can’t resist the sun, just take taxi from Kuala Lumpur Station.
The operational hours from 10AM-6PM.
The entrance fee ticket for adult MYR14, and for kids MYR7.
After paid MYR28 for both of us, we took elevator to reach the gallery.

inside-the-museumThe style of the museum building is modern, with an Islamic feel created by the details rather than by the structure itself. Iranian tile workers transformed the iwan-style entrance into a ceramic tapestry that frames a welcoming verse from the Qur’an. On the roof, these artisans turned the dome-construction traditions of Central Asia into the building’s crowning glory. The turquoise-coloured domes are now a landmark on the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

IMG_2426You can see Masjid Negara (National Mosque) from here. We don’t have enough time to visit Mesjid Negara.

 IMG_24954) ARCH Kuala Lumpur City Gallery 
From Islamic Art Museum Malaysia, we took taxi to reach ARCH Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.
ARCH Kuala lumpur City Gallery was fun and worth for the experience to drop by.
There’re activities that you don’t want to miss:

1. Take photo shoot at I Love KL Spot. This photo was taken by other tourist that offer us to take the pic. Thank you guys!
2. Watch video mapping “Discover The City” about KL.
I wish in my country they make video mapping too. The ticket now is MYR5/person. But at that time, there’s no entrance fee to see the video.  The operational hours: 9:00AM – 6:30PM. You can see 360° of Kuala Lumpur.  See the Past, Present and Future of Kuala Lumpur, and the Kuala Lumpur City Model, an innovative showcase. Take home Made In Malaysia gifts, The Official Souvenir of Kuala Lumpur.
3. Watching ARCH Master Craftman working to make the tiny house.
4. End your visit by savouring the finest of Malaysian delicacies at the ARCH Cafe. My favourite was the durian pancakes.
5. Strolling around the area and take pictures





IMG_69365) Alor Street
This street is a heaven for culinary lovers. Alor Street is located near the Bukit Bintang area, it can be easily found if you are staying somewhere in the city center.

How to reach Alor Street?
You can reach Alor Street by take metro to Bukit Bintang Station (right next to Lot10 Shopping Mall).
From there it is a 5 minute walk to Jalan Alor.

Some of the best culinary delights that Malaysia has to offer can be found here. On Alor Street, these food stalls will take part of selling food that best represents Malaysia. This is not just a place for the locals but foreigners also frequently visit here to taste the unique dishes that they would most probably not be able to back home.

Alor-Durian-SharingBring your appetite and tried as much as you can form the dozen of food that you find. At least, one time in your life, you have to taste Malaysian local food : Musang King Durian. We also have durian in Indonesia. But our curiousity made us sit and ate the durian.
Tips to eat the durian:
Share with others. The seller usually sells the whole durian. So we shared 1 durian with 3 others strangers that also want to try too. The cost becomes cheap and we’re happy to taste the Malaysian strange local food with gloves together.

IMG_21026) Petronas Twin Towers
The highlight and a must photo stop if you visit Malaysia of course the famous Twin Towers.
This Kuala Lumpur’s crown jewel has height of 451.9 metres. Majestic by day and dazzling at night. We chose dazzling at night :) The challenge was to take picture with the top of the twin towers. Since the tower is very tall, it’s hard to get picture with the top of them. So, we found a way to get the picture like this :)

If you wish to go to the top, please take a note from here, that :
From 1 March 2016 to 2 May 2016, the Skybridge at Level 41 of the PETRONAS Twin Towers will be closed for maintenance and will not be open for public visits. The public visits then will only include the Observation Deck at Level 86. As such, we shall be giving a 25 % discount on all admission tickets during this period. Please refer to the temporary price structure applicable during the closure period. 25% DISCOUNT GUYS! Get the ticket here

How to get there?
If you want to visit by train, take a train from any station within Klang Valley area and make your way to KLCC Station (KJ10).
If you take taxi, just ask the driver to stop around Suria KLCC’s main entrance.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 6.33.36 AMAfter arrive at Suria KLCC, yake the central bubble lift to Ground Level.
Head to the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS Lobby
Take the escalator down one floor to the PETRONAS Twin Towers.

So, are you ready to explore Kuala Lumpur?

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