Magic Moment at Wat Arun

On November 10, 2013 by Novita Karana

Sawadeeka :)

One place must visits is Wat Arun. Wat Arun is among the best known of Thailand’s landmarks and Google says that the best moment to enjoy is when sunset come. So, we plan to go to Wat Arun at afternoon because of:
1. Bangkok is very hot, we don’t think we want to climb every steps on it.
2. We want to enjoy sunset, because sunset is precious thing for office employee like us.
So, we’re googling where’s the best place to take photograph and enjoy the magic moment. And we found the best place: Sala Arun Bar.

How to go there?
You can take BTS and exit at Saphan Taksin. You go down and you will find Sathorn Pier (Central Pier). Don’t go on left row, the rows will take you to Asiatique (We already queued here and realize that is wrong row until we saw the Asatique sign). Go straight to center and you will find two tables that sell tickets. The ticket only 15 bath for two ways, wait for 10 minutes and go with orange flag boat. Tell the boat man that you want to go to Tha Tien Pier. Tha Tien Pier is on number 8. The boat will stop for 3 times on Oriental Pier (1), SiPhraya Pier (3), Ratchawong Pier (5). You can go to the boat without buy ticket, but inside the boat there’s a boat woman that check you ticket. If you not have ticket, you must buy. If you already have ticket, you must show your ticket.
After exit Tha Tien Pier, you will find Tha Tien Market. The market is unique with lot of shops and bottles hang on the ceiling (you should watch your head). At Tha Tien market, if you use toilet you charged for 5 bath. What will you get with 5 bath? The toilet guard will offer you tissue roll and you can take as much as you want :)) After used the toilet, turn right and walking for 500 meter and you will find Sala Arun Bed and Breakfast ( see the map).
Sala Arun was hidden, from the main road you should turn right again and walk 50 steps. We almost went to wrong place. There’s two Salas on the block. One is Sala Rattanakosin and Sala Arun. See that map that i make. We used secret way to go to Sala Arun, we walk at little road that you can see citizen live. There’re families without house and live with a dog (they live on road). I saw lot of family that have a dog. The dogs usually the small dogs, like poodle, shih tzu, pom, and also mix breed. Unfortunately we didn’t took photograph of them.



We chose Sala Arun because the price is more cheaper and make sense :p Sala Arun has two views. At the front you can see Wat Arun, at the back side you can see Grand Palace (We not sure but i think it’s Grand Palace) the-sight-salaarun

Sala Arun is the place that you can enjoy your evening, see sunset and magic moments, see boats at Chao Phraya river, waiting the sky turn to dark, with glass of drink or beer. We went here twice. One time we got here at night, the other day we came back to enjoy the sunset. I chose ice green tea latte (150 bath), asahi beer (230 bath), coke (50 bath). To reach the bar you should take a stairs to the Eagle Nest – 5th floor (fiuh), but the view on top is really worth to see!

You can visit Sala Arun’s website at
The complete address is:
47-49 Soi Phen Pi Marn, Tha Thien, Phrabarommaharajchawang,
Phranakorn Bangkok 10200, Thailand
47-49 ซอยท่าเตียน ถนนมหาราช แขวงพระบรมหาราชวัง พระนคร Bangkok 10200, Thailand
For back up, i always print the address in Thai language, or just google it.
I did it because most of Thailand taxi driver hard to read Latin text. When i show the address or mall name in Thai Language, they will smile and say: “I know this place” :))

Ph. +66 26222932

Let’s watch sunset at Wat Arun!

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