Life Without Electricity at Baduy Tribe

On November 22, 2015 by Novita Karana

IMG_7054Could you live without rely on transportation, only use your feet to take you everywhere?
Could you live without footwear?
Could you live without electricity, only torch (with battery) to illuminate the dark night?
Could you live without television?
Could you live without handphone?
Could you live without soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, tissue?
Could you take a bath without soap in the river everyday?
Could you do your toilet activity in the middle of river everyday?
Could you wear only two colours clothes, black and white everyday?

For me, of course i CAN’T have a real life like that forever.
But at least, i dare myself to try. Because only Indonesia people can visit this tribe. (CMIIW)
And it was memorable two days that i never forget, to live like Baduy Dalam Tribe. And, what’s the reason for Baduy Dalam Tribe to have to life like that? I asked them, and they said “It’s rules and ritual from our ancestor”. I can’t say or argument anything if the answer is ritual from the ancestor.

The Baduy Tribe.
Baduy Tribe, who call themselves Urang Kanekes (Kanekes People), are a traditional Sundanese community living in the western part of the Indonesian province of Banten, Indonesia. There are two categories of Baduy Tribe: Baduy Luar Tribe (Outer Baduy) and Baduy Dalam Tribe (Inner Baduy).

Baduy Luar Tribe : They can use electricity, can use handphone, and more open for technology. To reach their village only need 15 – 30 minutes walk.

Baduy Dalam Tribe : The tribe has strict rules from the ancestor like i mentioned above.  First meet Baduy Dalam Tribe, three words that i can visualize: black shirt and pants, white hair wrapped, and no foot wear. They have limited contacts with the outside world. To reach Baduy Dalam Village, need 1 hour (via Cijahe Point) or 5 hour trekking (via Ciboleger Stop Point).


How to reach Baduy Tribe Village from Jakarta City?

Train from Tanah Abang jakarta to Rangkasbitung1) First, you can take train from Tanah Abang Station.
Take train from Tanah Abang to Rangkasbitung takes 1,5 hours. You can choose 09.30AM schedule. The train is very nice, with electricity plug and cold air conditioner. The cost only IDR 15.000 for one way ticket.
Tips: Remember to ask the customer service to choose your seat when you buy the ticket.
The seat formation is: 3 seats (Seat A, Seat B, Seat C) and 2 seats (Seat D and seat E).
If you travel 2 persons, you should choose seats for 2.

View from Rangkasbitung to CijaheGreeting from Baduy Dalam Teen at Cijahe2) After arrive at train station, you have to rent a car, or usually group will rent an elf to reach Baduy Village. After 3 hours driving, you will arrive at Cijahe, Baduy Luar Area. There’re food stalls to buy some stuff before you start trekking. You can buy rice, instant noodle, mineral water, sardines in a tin, eggs here.

Baduy Dalam people will greet you at the meeting point (you have to make appointment with them first, so they will pick you up). They will accompany you to trek to the village. If you wish, they can help you to bring your bags, with tips. If you want to visit Baduy Luar, you only need to do easy trek for 15 -20 minutes. But usually we directly go to Baduy Dalam Village first, and then the next day we visit Baduy Luar Village. You have two options to choose the end of stop point to do trekking. There are 2 options:

trekking to Baduy dalam from CijaheIMG_6900a) Cijahe Point Route ( 30 – 45 minutes walking)
Cijahe is the shortcut way to get to Baduy Dalam Village. You only need to do 45 minutes easy trekking to Baduy Dalam Village. I chose Cijahe and did the trekking for 30 minutes.
The plus poin: You will reach Baduy Dalam Village in short time (30-45 minutes). You can do village tour, and have conversation with them earlier.
The minus poin: You only meet one bridge (not from root). You can’t meet Unique Root Bridge if you choose this route.

b) Ciboleger Point Route (4-5 hours walking)
Ciboleger is the route that you have to choose if you love trekking. Your 5 hours trekking effort will be rewarded by 4 bridges, and the last one is very beautiful, the big root bridge that made from root.
The plus poin: You will meet Unique Root Bridge and another bridges (maybe 3-4) along the way to the village
The minus poin: If you don’t do gym, your energy will be drained with 5 hours trekking.

So, if you take a tour, check and ask where the start point. Someday, i want to do Ciboleger Route to see The Famous Root Bridge.

Last spot to take pictures3) There’re last spots that you can use your handphone to take a pictures for the last time. Please respect their rules. It’s prohibited for visitor to take picture of Baduy Dalam Tribe at the village area. You can take pictures with Baduy Dalam Tribe people outside the prohibited area. When you choose Cijahe route, the last spot to take a picture is from the hill where you can see the village from a far (the picture above). When you choose Ciboleger route, the last spot to take a picture is from the root bridge.

4) After arrive at Baduy Dalam Village, you will feel peace and serenity in your heart. The scenery surround you are too beautiful too explain. We cross bamboo bridge to cross the river. It’s very beautiful. I meet chickens and some dogs.

How’s the itinerary to visit Baduy Tribe?
You have to remember, you only have change to stay one night at Baduy Dalam Village. And then in the next day you have to move. WHY? “It’s rules and ritual from our ancestor”

My itinerary for Baduy Dalam Tribe trip from Cijahe:

Day 01 Jakarta – Rangkasbitung – Baduy Dalam
– Take train 09.30AM from Tanah Abang Station Jakarta to Rangkasbitung. It takes 1,5hours.
– 3 hours driving from Rangkasbitung to Cijahe.
– 45 minutes trekking from Cijahe to Baduy Dalam Cikeusik
– Coffee time at the house
– Village Tour
– Dinner with Baduy Dalam Tribe
– Conversation with Baduy Dalam Tribe
– Souvenir shopping – Sometimes they play music
– Sleep at their house

Day 02 Baduy Dalam – Baduy Luar – Rangkasbitung – Jakarta
– See Beautiful Sunrise from hill on 07.30AM. The sunrise was very beautiful with fog and mist surround the hill.
– Have a breakfast at Baduy Dalam village
– Take a bath at the river
– Packing and check out
– 45 minutes trekking to Baduy Luar Village
– Explore Baduy Luar Village
– Trek 15 minutes to Cijahe point
– Driving 3 hours to Rangkasbitung train station
– Take train from Rangkasbitung to Jakarta
-Welcome home and bathroom is one of your favourite place of this day :))

Some sunrise moment photographs:

Some morning trekking moment photographs with mystic view:

Trekking to Baduy Luar from Baduy Dalam. Is it worth?
After check out and leave Baduy Dalam, you will do 30 minutes walk to the first path on day one.
After 30 minutes trekking, the road will be separated into 2 ways:
1) Left :  To Cijahe first meeting point, need to walk 10 minutes
2) Right: To Baduy Luar Village, need 30 minutes medium trekking.
Some people choose number 1, because they feel too tired, and some people choose number 2, to discover both of Baduy Tribe (Inner and Outer)
If you choose number 2, you will meet this kind of view:
After enter the gate, you will meet some houses. Actually, i’s not houses, it’s a rice house called “leuit”. Leuit is a place to store their rice stock. Because the size of rice box is big, some people will guess it’s their house in first impression.

After saw some leuit, you will walking down and meet Baduy Dalam house. You can see on picture below, they’re familiar with footwear. Their identity is scarf or printed fabric with colour black and white like i wear on my picture above. You can buy IDR 25.000 for 1 Baduy Luar Scarf. And for clothes, they already wear another colours beside black and white. I found pink tank top and pink dress hanging in string.


What to bring when visit Baduy Dalam:

1) Rice, egg, instant noodle, sardines, and any instant meals that you wish to eat. You will eat what you bring, and you will eat together with them inside their house. Baduy Tribe usually have very simple meals in their daily life. If there’re guests or visitors, it’s means they will have feast. Sardines and meat are luxury meal for them.

2) Wet Tissues and Dry Tissues

3) Mineral water bottles, at least bring 2 big bottles. I recommend to drink from your own bottle.

4) Snacks
souvenirs from Baduy
5) Cash to bring souvenirs. The price of souvenirs on October 2015 : ring from roots IDR 2000, bracelet roots IDR 7000, other bracelets IDR5000, woven colourful scarf IDR50.000, Baduy Luar scarf with black and royal blue pattern IDR25.000, Honey small bottle IDR50.000, bag from roots IDR80.000. Because i’m crazy with bracelets, i bought some bracelets.

6) Sleeping Bag, Pillow, and Sleeping Based. You will find yourself sleep at wooden floor.

7) Your favourite coffee, bring more is better. You can share it with your host and friend.

8) Flip Flop to walk to the river and do some bath or toilet activities

9) Torch (it’s a must. it helps you to walk to the river for toilet activity at night)

10) Facial wash, Toothpaste and Toothbrush. I washed my face and brushed my teeth at one of the restaurant at Rangkasbitung after we leave Baduy.

Some interesting facts from Baduy Dalam Tribe that i found:
1) They are prohibited to use electricity, included television and handphone. The fun fact, some of them have handphone and they put their handphone at their friends home at Baduy Luar Tribe.

2) They are prohibited to use chemical material such as soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, detergent. They take a bath without soap, wash their hair without shampoo, and wash clothes and plate without detergent. All activites only use original river water.

3) They are prohibited to eat lamb and goat. Lamb and goat is haram from them. WHY? You already know they will answer “It’s rules and ritual from our ancestor” :)

4) They also prohibited to use footwear. They are walking everywhere without shoes or sandals from kids.IMG_7047

5) They prohibited to use transportation like bicycle, motorbike, car, bus, train, airplane. And how they do movement from one place to another? Yes, by walking on their own feet. Amazing, isn’t it? The furthest destination that they reach by walking is Jakarta City.  The young usually have trip to Serang, Banten. They usually walk to Jakarta City for 3 days.
And my questions was come when hear this: Where do they take a nap or sleep during their journey to Jakarta? They usually sleep at police office. They prohibited to sleep at mosque. WHY? You already know they will answer “It’s rules and ritual from our ancestor”.
When travelling, they usually bring handmade souvenirs like ring, bracelet, fabric, scarf, bag, honey. So, if you meet Baduy Tribe at your city, please do buy the souvenirs.
Where do they take a nap or sleep at Jakarta? They usually spend night at their relatives, it can be you. When you visit Baduy Dalam you become their relatives. If you give them your address, they will make a visit during their journey to your city.

6) From February to March, they will not accept tourists or visitors. WHY?
It’s because they have holy month, named Kawalu.

7) The religion of Baduy Tribe is Moeslem that trust to Adam Prophet and they do not pray (shalat) 5 times a day.

8) They don’t have ID (KTP), or birth certificate, and can’t join any election.

9) I found chickens were everywhere in the village, but they can’t use it for meals everyday. They can have chicken for meals on several events. They can kill chicken only on events, not everywhere. That’s why, meat is something luxury for them.

10) Rich people in Baduy Dalam is looked for how many cooking stuff that they have. I can’t take picture.


So, do you want to give yourself a try to live like Baduy Tribe?
It only takes 2 days 1 night and you will learn about a simple life of Baduy Tribe.

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