Is There Komodo Dragon in Padar Island?

On July 17, 2016 by Novita Karana

DCIM100GOPROGOPR8363.Padar Island Landscape, taken by @satyawinnie

Padar Island is one of photogenic island that i want to visit most. This year my dream came true. I got change to admire the island, invited by ASITA NTT. Padar offers surreal view and breathtaking landscape that you can’t forget. So, make sure Padar Island will be on your list when you have trip to Komodo National Park.

One latest news that almost heard in social media: There’s alive komodo dragon in Padar Island.
Before heard that news, i only know komodo dragons can be met at the two big islands: Komodo Island and Rinca Island. So, i think the news not really right and maybe just some people played with their imaginations.

During my stay in Labuan Bajo, i met some people at the harbour. One of them is captain who had experience with komodo dragon in Padar Island. Yes, he and his guests met with the dragon alive during the live on board trip. His name is Mr. Mat. He met one komodo dragon alive in first photo stop when his guests doing pre wedding photosession.

“The type of dragon’s nails are stronger and more powerful, unlike those which found on other islands.” he added.

Mr Mat didn’t prepare the wooden fork stick at the moment. So, he shooed the dragon by throwing the stone on his head. The weakest poin of the dragon located at his/her head. After some stones were throwed, the dragon walked away. It was the first time experience for him seeing the dragon in Padar.

“Unfortunately i didn’t think to take picture or video shooting at the moment.  The first thing that came into my mind was the safety of my guests. But you can find the selfie picture of the make up artist with komodo at my instagram and also checked the guest’s comment ”

He said, one of the guest’s crew, the make up artist had a selfie photo with the dragon.  She didn’t notice she just did selfie with the komodo. After the couple and all crew back to the boat, she checked the picture and found the komodo dragon show up her head between the stones. The photo already spread in social media. And the story was right.

About the komodo in Padar island, some people said, “The naughty komodo from Komodo Island or Rinca Island were moved by human to Padar Island and some other islands.” I don’t know it’s true or not.

“And then, how could the komodo survive in Padar Island? Is there someone that give them food continually?”, i asked.

“At the other side of Padar Island, there’s area where the deer lives. That’s how they survive. And remember when i said her nails that stronger than the others? It used to climb the island”, the captain continued.

“Really? I wonder where the area located”, well, just forget it.

So be careful of the dragon when you’re in Padar Island. After Mr Mat’s experience, I think treking to Padar accompanied with a ranger is a good idea. The ranger usually brings wooden fork stick, and they will have eyes to look surrounding when we’re busy taking photo.

ASITANTT LakoLakoMy journey to Padar Island with some of travel bloggers and some buyers of Komodo Travel Mart 2016 was perfect.
Good weather, cool companion, what can you ask for more? Check also their blog for more stories about Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, and Indonesia destinations: KoperTraveler, Lenny, Eka, Satya, Tracy, Richo, Imama, Gio, Bobby and Jonathan

DCIM101GOPROG0638332.After sailing around 2 hours by phinisi boat from Bajo, we arrive at Padar Island. From the phinisi boat, we were transferred to dingy (small boat) to the island. In April and early May, the colour of this island usually green, and turns to yellow and then bright yellow in July and August. We visited Padar Island on 24 May.

flight-scheduleHow to reach Padar Island?
First, you have to enter Labuan Bajo city, a gate to Komodo Paradise.
From Jakarta, you can take flight to Labuan Bajo (with IATA Code LBJ) with a stop at Denpasar.
There’re several flight from CGK – DPS (2 hours) and DPS – LBJ (1 hour 15 minutes)

And then, upon arrival in Komodo Airport Labuan Bajo, you can take taxi, cost Rp. 50.000/car/transfer to central area. You will meet lots of taxi driver at arrival gate. The transfer rate on May was Rp.50.00/car/transfers. The taxi is just a car without branding like in Jakarta. Usually the car has 6 seats like APV, Xenia, Avanza.
For the celullar provider that works in Labuan Bajo is Telkomsel. All cellular provider is no service.

From Labuan Bajo, you can rent a boat (will cost higher), or join the open trip to Padar Island.
The cost of rent a boat depends on the facility. Boat with fan much more cheaper than boat with air conditioner.
You can visit Padar Island in one day trip sailing with route: Padar Island – Komodo Island – Pink Beach.

And i know you start asking in your mind, where’s Padar island located? Padar Island is located between Rinca and Komodo Island, like pictured in map below. From Labuan Bajo Port, you will sailing around 2 – 3 hours, depends on your boat.

The boat was closer to the beach. I can’t wait to see the surreal view with 3 curves. Slow but sure, the boat moved to the beach side. I jumped to the beach and get ready to trek.IMG_2269

The journey started when we stepped our feet into this island. Prepare your breath for 45 minutes soft trek.
The picture below record the 45 minutes trek with nice view. The first group: me, KoperTraveler, Jonathan, Tracy, Imama, and me started to climb almost 45 degree hill.

And we will be rewarded with this view on our right side. Ok, one and two pictures, and we continued walking to the top.IMG_2281

It seems closer, but after the hill, there’s another hill to climb.IMG_2283

The hot weather made KoperTraveler open his shirt. Better get tan than go home with wet shirt, right?IMG_2285

Padar Island has several photostops. The higher you walk, the better view you will get. First photostop can make you satisfied, the second and the third photostops will make you orgasm.

And this is the first stop view looks a like, me and @satyawinnie try our first pose (picture credit goes to Jo). First stop has a shade area with a big tree. Usually tourists use this shade area for take a rest, drink, and admire the view.
From first stop, try to walk to the right side. Jo found instagramable spot like this:
first stop, left side

The second stop, more wide view  like this (picture credit to @satyawinnie)

The third stop, wider but the view was blocked by a tree in the centre:
third stop

The trek back view will be like this. Seems we got lost in ancient world, didn’t we?


Some tips for the trek:
1) Better leave the Bajo port early, morning trekking always feel fun than afternoon trekking with hot weather.
2) Applying sunblock when the boat starts sailing.
3) Use cotton bright  shirt or sleveless shirt.
4) Use sport shoes for treking

What to bring to Padar Island?
1) Small backpack or dry bag, where you can put your stuff here
2) Mineral water at least 2 bottles.
3) Snack
4) Camera
5) Photo property, here’s some idea for the property: sarong, colourful fabric, hat, baloon, your country flag,
6) Hat / cap

So, meet up at the top of Padar Island, anyone?
Me and Mr Mat
Me and Mr Makdura Ulumando or well-known as Mr Mat, after had long conversation. Mr Mat is the captain who met komodo at Padar Island, anyone know him?

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