Capsule Hotel or A Hotel?

On August 23, 2014 by Novita Karana

the podCapsule Hotel or Hotel?
It depends on your destination. Some destinations will push you to choose capsule hotel.

When you visit Singapore, everything is expensive, very different from other country like Vietnam.
In Vietnam, you only spend USD25/night and you’ll get double bed with hot shower, hair dryer, iron, and one PC inside your room!
In Singapore, you have to spend at least USD150/night to get a room with that facility. I choose capsule hotel when i visit Singapore.

So, i want to feel  new experience with capsule hotel, the modern shape of dormitory hostel. Capsule hotel costs around USD25-40/night for 1 single pad/dock. Basically, capsule hotel has one big room with around 15 beds inside. One bed has upper and lower deck. Every deck/pod has blind cover. You can do the activities inside your deck in private. And they have locker below your bed, can be accessed with card to keep your luggages. Some capsule hotel provide internet television inside your pod and you can browsing also!


What’s the Benefit of Choose Capsule Hotel?
– You can save lots of money. The rate costs around SGD 25 – 45/ night. I didn’t expect much from the capsule hotel. But guess what? I find luxury experience for budget traveller.
– Capsule hotel promise you a privacy than hostel or dormitory. Hostel or dormitory doesn’t have blind cover on their bed.
– You can still interact with others at common room or when breakfast time.  I did chit chat when breakfast time come.


What’s  Tips for Choose Capsule Hotel?
– Facilities
Make a list of facilities from your capsule hotel candidates. Then, and ask yourself what you need. What kind of facilities do you want, do you want proper breakfast with “real” coffee? Or do you want watch television, listen music, and access internet from monitor inside your pod? Do you travel couple and you want a queen pod? It’s up to you.

– How to Enter your Deck.
Choose entry to enter to you deck is also important. I prefer side entry deck, than front entry.
Side entry is a plus, because it’s easy to get inside.
Front entry needs a crouched crawling into your deck.

– The Deck’s Location.
I recommend to choose Lower/Bottom deck. It’s very easy to access toilet or your luggage locker anytime.
If you choose upper deck/pod, you have to climb some stairs.

– Reservation First.
I’m a well prepared person, i can’t go with  “go show” action, even visit a cat cafe needs a reservation for me. Reservation is important, you can have the best pod and you won’t waste your time to go around looking for a pod. I’m very fussy about the hotel request note. I did a booking via Agoda and left a note. To make sure, i usually write email to the hotel and make sure that they received my 3 notes.
Don’t forget to note these 3 things in your reservation:
1) Request your deck position (lower or upper)
2) Choose entry like you want (side or front)
3) For your quality sleep, note to request pod/deck that has furthest position from the main door.


Chic Capsule Otel, suits for those who like watch movies, listen to music, and always keep surfing with internet. Chic also fits for those who want to explore the Chinatown area.

Address: 13 Mosque Street Singapore, Phone: +65 9154 6893 and you can direct book from their Facebook Page they give 5% discount.
Price: around SGD40
At my first transit at Singapore, i chose Chic Capsule Otel, because i want to explore Chinatown in the next day. Chic has good location, 3 minutes walking from Chinatown MRT with cross the street. From Chic Capsule Otel, you can explore Chinatown, Hawker Center, and even Red Dot Museum. If you interested to visit Chinatown, i suggest to choose Chic Capsule.


chic common room
#The Front Desk and Common Room
Upon my late arrival (around 00.30AM) , the receptionist still open and a glass of welcome ice tea greet me. I was waiting in their cozy sofa when the quick check in was being made. One of their staff explained everything for me, since it was my first time to capsule hotel.
They have long alley with soft sofa before the front desk. Beside front desk, you can take mineral water.

chic deck
#The Deck and The Room
You have to take off your shoes and keep them at rack before you enter the room area. I accessed mixed room with my electronic card at second floor. I found the room was soooo quiet. Everyone looks busy with their stuff inside their deck. I can watch tv from smart internet TV with Android system, and also internet surfing with the remote. They provide headset so everyone can enjoy their activities. They provide good pillow, reading light, hanger, and universal adaptor power socket. So you don’t need to bring universal adaptor.


#Common Bathroom + Toilet
At second floor, they have 1 toilet near the mixed room, and 3 toilets near the stairs.  They put toilet and shower together. The rain shower was very nice with hot and cold water. They provide towel, shampoo and also soap. You just need to bring toothbrush and toothpaste. Hair dryer and iron is available near the toilet.

chic breakfast#Breakfast
They provide breakfast from 7AM to 10AM. I got cold sandwich, two slices of sunkist orange, and a cup of mix coffee (or tea). Simple, but nice to start the day. They let me sit first at the sofa, and then they serve the breakfast on the little table beside the sofa.

#Deposit Bag
If you want to explore Chinatown area for hours, you can keep your bags at the receptionist, so you don’t need to bring your carrier for hours. I did it. I was check out in the morning, went to take a walk for hours and then go back to get my bag.

#The Pro
– Their staff is super friendly, helpful, and communicative. Before check out, i took pic of “Singapore Smile” Style, the staff teached me to do some pose with my thumbs and pinkie at line position.
– They wifi runs very super! They have 52Mbps for upload and download
– They have smart internet TV inside your pod! You can browsing and watch television inside your pod with bing headset.

#The Minus
-They don’t provide mineral water bottle inside your deck. You better bring empty bottle or tumbler and fill with the water on tub at first floor.

me at chic


pod entranceThe Pod, suits for those who admire the real coffee and think a delicious breakfast is a must. The Pod also fits for those who want to discover Haji Lane, Arab Street and Bugis Area.

Address : 289 Beach Road Level 3, Singapore 199552. Around 8 minutes walking from Bugis MRT. You can direct book from their website
SGD40-50/night for single pod with breakfast
SGD 93-100/night for double pod with breakfast for two

At my second transit at Singapore, i chose The Pod.  The Pod is near to Bugis Junction, and neighborhood to Arab street, Haji Lane, and Sultan Mosque. It was nice to have morning walk around Sultan Mosque and Haji Lane area.

common room thepod#The Access, Front Desk and Common Room
After 8 minutes walk from Bugis MRT, I met some access buttons near the door.  I  found note: “press03 and then press ring”.
You know what happen? I pressed button 3 and press button ring. And nothing happen. I did it again for several times.
And i got frustated since i can’t call the hotel (i didn’t buy the sim card). And… I read again the sticky note. And i realized i forgot something.

And i tried again with: button 0, button 3, and then button ring, and OPEN SESAME! Suddenly the door was opened for me! :)) So i have to press 3 buttons. After get inside, i took the lift to the third floor, and meet the front desk. The check in process was quick. I booked directly from website and paid SGD45  when i was arrive. The common room is together with breakfast room and internet corner. I got room at 5th floor. Before enter the room, your shoes have to put at shoes rack.

the pod lower pod#The Deck and The Room
I enter female room with my electronic card and found the room was soooo quiet. i got  They provide TWO good pillows (i so adore this, because i can make one pillow as bolster), fold-down table for laptop use or writing, hanger, personal reading light, and universal adaptor power socket. A clean towel and a bottle of mineral water stored neatly beside your pod. And the next activity that i did was looking to the bathroom and take a bath.

toilet pod#Common Bathroom
They have 3 bathrooms with toilets and 2 toilets.  The shower was super nice with hot and cold water. They provide shampoo and also soap. You just need to bring toothbrush and toothpaste. You can find hair dryer, iron, and iron table near the wash basin.

The memorable moment from The Pod was their breakfast! They provide buffet breakfast from around 7AM to 10AM. Get breakfast around 7 or 7.30 and you will get seat at common room. For me, delicious breakfast is important to start the day! And, they serve DIM SUM! Yap, dim sum with some variety like siew may, hakaw, croisant,and one more. I really like dim sum! They will fill your stomach with sweet cake, quiche, red bean, corn, bakpaw, cereal, bread.

breakfast thepodAnd, they have ‘real coffee’ come from the Fantastic Nesspresso Machine. First, i didn’t have idea how to use the machine. And i asked the receptionist. They show me the box of coffee capsules. I can choose the coffee that i want based on the power. Based on the reccomendation, i choose Lungo Forte. It tasted so good. After finish your breakkie, you can put your cup into wash basin and plastic plate into the trash bin.

nespresso thepod

breakfast room thepod#The Pro
– Of course their fantastic breakfast with Nespresso Machine.
– They have changing room with curtain and big mirror.
– They  provide individual working pod with laptop and you can access to black & white and colour printing/scanning facilities
– They give you free local calls for compliment

#The Minus
– Their staff is not really friendly. But, it’s ok
– Sometimes, you will meet the wet bathroom.

So, are you ready to try capsule hotel? Let’s pack and going capsuled!



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