Secluded Water Cottage at Karimunjawa

On November 14, 2015 by Novita Karana

View from Balcony Hotel Asri Water Resort

“One of my dream is to wake up with view like the picture above every weekend, where the taste of Indocafe Coffeemix turns into cappucino that comes from Simonelli machines”

Karimunjawa will make you forget the time and make you extend your holiday, just like me. The white sandy beach and pristine blue water, beautiful sunset at Tanjung Gelam, and stunning underwater world of Karimunjawa is totally heaven for me.

Designated as a national marine park, Karimunjawa consists of many small islands, with the two main ones being Karimunjawa Island and Kemujan Island. Karimunjawa was originally settled by Sunan Nyamplungan, the son of Sunan Muria, one of the Muslim Saints (Sunan) who introduced Islam to Java. You can also visit Sunan Nyamplungan’s tomb in Karimunjawa Island.

Hotel Asri Water Cottage

Where’s the best place to stay at Karimunjawa Island?
Accomodation becomes one of the necessary stuff when we travel, doesn’t it? We want nice room to relax, or room with view to enjoy our holiday time to the max. Karimunjawa provides many type of accomodations that you can choose. The best accomodation depends on your characters.

“And when you do travelling to an island, what kind of accomodation will you expect?”

If you love to blend with local and love to make conversation with local, i suggest you choose homestay at village near main square area.
If you an adventure person and love to try something new, you will choose the water cottage to stay.
If you a sundowner person, you will choose cottage that has sunset view.
If you a morning person, you will choose cottage that has sunrise view.
If your priority is to stay in standard room like in big city, you will choose hotel with swimming pool and electricity 24 hours.

To be note: some homestay and cottage has electricity only from 6PM to 6AM. So, 6AM to 6PM the electricity is off (I bet you will explore the island, or do snorkeling tour at that time). You better ask your accomodation to make sure about electricity. Some accomodation will turn on their diesel machine if you have urgent stuff to do with electricity with extra charge.

I did inspection to some of accomodations in Karimunjawa Island.  Karimunjawa has 3 types view: sunrise side, sunset side, and village area. Beside my inspections, here’s my opinion:

For sunset experience, i chose Hotel Asri (for budget), Mangrove Inn (budget) and Omah Alchy (for luxury) which located in West Karimunjawa.

For sunrise experience, i chose Sunrise View Village (for budget) and Jiwa Quest (for luxury) which located in East Karimunjawa.

For village area, there’re lots of homestay that you can choose with range from IDR70.000 – IDR 300.000. Some of my recommendation: Berkah Ilahi (the cheapest homestay that i found), Karimun Indah (basic room with large public area), Ayu Homestay, Puri Karimun (The owner said that Nadine and Pepi stayed here), Coconut House. The plus point of stay in village area: you can access the main square easily to buy seafood for dinner, or lunch. Because in sunset view, there’s no restaurant. If you choose sunrise view or sunset view, i suggest you rent a motorbike for IDR75.000/day. For me, to stay in an island is mean to experience the unique accomodation that built in the island with your budget (of course).

And from all accomodations that i mentioned above, i chose Hotel Asri as my favourite accomodation based on my inspection and experiences.


Sunset View Accomodation : Hotel Asri
For sunset view, i chose Hotel Asri for the accomodation. Why i chose Hotel Asri? I found some reasons that i couldn’t find in others hotel. What would you ask for more if you find yourself wake up with ocean view with sea water facing your balcony? waiting nemo at hotel asriWhat would you ask for more if you find yourself wake up with a
greeting from clown fishes under your balcony? swimming and snorkeling at hotel asriWhat would you ask for more if you find yourself you can jump,
swimming and snorkelling from the balcony? Hotel Asri water cottage What would you ask for more if you can sip your hot coffee while watching a pool with sharks, sea turtle, anemon and clown fishes in front of your balcony? Front side and back side of water villa Hotel Asri water Cottage RoomSome conditions of Hotel Asri water cottage:

– The rooms at Asri water cottages are non AC rooms. But there’s a fan inside, and i can sleep well.
– The toilets located outside the room, at right side. There’re 3 toilets (2 with seat toilet)
– The bathroom also located outside the room, at left side. There ‘re 3 bathroom with simple shower.
– Breakfast comes in box, delivery to your room. We got rice, fish with yellow sauce, vegetables, egg.
– They provides Indocafe Coffeemix for coffee, Tong Tji sachet for tea, and thermos for hot water.
– There’s one dispenser with Aqua galon for cold water.
– No wifi, but who need wifi when you go for holiday?
– They provide 2 motorbikes that you can use for free for buy dinner at main square near harbour (15 minutes driving)
– They also provide transfers to harbour with additional charges
– The electricity will be turn on from 6PM to 6AM.
Hotel Asri AC RoomsHotel Asri AC RoomIf you want room with air conditioner, Asri also provides rooms with AC and bathroom + toilet inside (Seat toilet). The location of the AC Room is before the brigde to water cottages, with green garden view.
Price water cottage room: IDR 300.000/room/night include breakfast
Price AC room garden view: IDR 400.000/room/night include breakfast

If i can extend my holiday, i will stay in Asri water cottages for a week. It releases stress when you wake up –  see sea water, and feel the sea water on your feet while sipping your coffee. The tastes of Indocafe Coffeemix turns into cappucino that comes from simonelli machines :))



Pancuran beach

Sunrise View Accomodation : Sunrise View Village
For you who want to experience sunrise view, you should stay in Sunrise View Village.
Why i chose Sunrise View Village? I found some reasons that i couldn’t find in others hotel:
– Sunrise View has ocean facing with sunrise view. There’re 8 rooms which located at the hill. There are rooms with fan, rooms with AC, suite rooms, 1 couple room with open air bathroom. All room has bathroom inside the room.
private beach at Pancuran Beach
– You can access private beach name Pancuran Beach to enjoy sunrise. The beach is very clean with white sand and turqouise crystal water. In front of Sunrise View there’s a path that will lead you to the private beach by walking 3-5 minutes. At Pancuran Beach, there’re 2 sections of private beach. After arrive at first beach, navigate your eyes to the left side, near the rock. You will find space between two rocks. Follow the path and TARAAAAA the beach is yours.
pancuran beach
– At Pancuran Beach, you will find clown fishes in some spots. The management move anemon with clown fishes in some spots. So you can see the nemo around 5 – 10 meters from the seaside.
– You can swimming and snorkeling at Pancuran Beach
– Wifi is available for 24 hours and it’s fast.
– If full occupancy, the electricity will turn on 24 hours. If you have urgent thing and need electricity, you can pay /hours to the Sunrise View, they will turn on the diesel machine for you.

Price room with fan : IDR 175.000/room/night include breakfast
Price AC room: IDR 300.000/room/night include breakfast
Price suite room: IDR400.000/room/night include breakfast

My suggestion, you should try two nights at Hotel Asri and two nights at Sunrise View to feel Karimunjawa in depth. Below is a map of Karimunjawa and some spot of accomodation to see: Karimunjawa map

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