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On August 24, 2014 by Novita Karana


When i was at kindergarten, i had my first kiss on cheek with bottlenose dolphins at night circus Tegalega Bandung.  From that moment, i love dolphin so much. I was sooo happy to see they jump cross ring of fire or dancing at the man-made pool.  My second time saw bottlenose dolphins at San Diego Sea World when i was at elementary school.  At that time, shamu stole my attention. My mom bought me dolphin refrigerator magnet, so i can remember my dolphin’s moment.

On August 2014, i  had a change to see  them in their natural habitat in Kiluan Bay, Indonesia. Being very close with dozen of dolphins at the open sea, and see they swim, even jump around your boat is a moment that you can’t never forget! Kiluan Bay, where you can find dolphins’ home . Kiluan Bay is located about 80 km from the city of Bandar Lampung. Getting to Kiluan will take approximately 3-4 hours, include one hour bumpy road moment, and roads may flood + slippery during the rainy season. The best time to travel is during the dry season between June to September. We enjoyed our bumpy road moment, since the scenery at left side was so nice: ocean, coconut tree, rolling hills and stretches of green paddy fields.

kiluanmapYou can reach Bandar Lampung by flight. The average flight time from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung is  around 40-5o minutes. I got the return (PP) airfare plus taxes for Rp. 800.000 (there was no promo on that date). For the flight schedule you can see the picture above. The other options, you can take ferry from Merak (Jakarta) to Bakauheni Port (Bandar Lampung)

I were travel for 4 days 3 nights, and this is my itinerary:
Day 01 /Friday : Jakarta – Bandar Lampung  (Tanjung Karang)
We took night flight from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung with Lion Air 19.30 – 20.15. Upon arrival, we continued driving to Tanjung Karang area, 45 minutes from airport. The flight sometime delayed for 30 minutes. Upon arrival at Tanjung Karang, we had late dinner at Kopi Oey. Overnight at Bandar Lampung. There’s no taxi with meter in Lampung. The taxi doesn’t have brand, all taxi is individual car with Avanza or Xenia. The rate for one way transfer from airport to hotel (or hotel to airport) is IDR 150.000/car. (So the more people in car, the cost/person will be more cheaper)

Day 02 /Saturday: Bandar Lampung  (Tanjung Karang) – Kiluan
We drove to Kiluan Bay on 9AM, stopped at Klara Beach. Continue to Kiluan, and play with umang umang at the beach. Then we explore Klapa Island.  Enjoy the sunset from cottage, you won’t regret it. We end the day with Marlin barbeque and watching mini crabs at the beach. Overnight at Kiluan.

Day 03 /
Sunday:  Kiluan – Bandar Lampung  (Tanjung Karang)
In the morning, we sail for 30minutes to Sunda Strait to see dolphins! Breakfast will be served in cotttage and you should charge your device when you’re having breakfast. Then discover hidden lagoon. Rest of afternoon we spend the day at private beach infront of the cottage. We drove back to Bandar Lampung at evening, drop at YenYen to buy Lampung snack and coffee and spend 1 more night at Tanjung Karang. Overnight at Bandar Lampung.

Day 04 /
Monday: Bandar Lampung  (Tanjung Karang) – Jakarta
We wake up at 5AM and take morning flight with Lion Air 06:30 – 07.20 to Jakarta, and directly drove to office.

If you want more economical trip, you can squeeze my itinerary to 2 days 1 night. Cut the day 01 and day 04, it’s like:
Day 01: Fly in early morning, pick up, and continue to Kiluan – Klara – Lagoon
Day 02: See dolphin – Klapa Island – airport

These are some places that make me fall in love with Kiluan:
Klara Beach (Klapa Rapat Beach)
You will see Klara Beach on your way to Kiluan. We stopped for around 10 minutes. Klara is only beach with baby blue tone colours. Mr. Iwan our guide took a pic of us. And we continue the journey.

IMG_8983Kiluan Gate
I asked the driver to stop infront of the gate. The shape and colours of the gate was so fancy! The tour guide said the yellow crown on top named “siger”. Siger itself is a form of crown symbolizing the greatness of indigenous cultures and the level of a respectable life. Typically, Siger always used by the bride as crown. Siger symbolizes femininity, so Lampung is supposed to be the “mother” for the people, friendly to the guests who come to him, as well as the protection and prosperity of its people.

IMG_9250Klapa Island
There’re loooots of coconut trees here, that’s why the island named Klapa (coconut) Island. Klapa is small island to hope in. Some tourist did snorkeling and swimming at Klapa Island. Me? I didn’t do swim nor snorkeling here. I just play at the back side of the island with small pond and waves. Klapa is famous for one tree at the tiny rock.

IMG_9294Klapa Beach
We love Klapa Beach, it has different colour from Klara Beach. Klapa Beach shows her beauty with her light turqouise colour.

kiluam hammockCottages, Tree house, Hammocks, and Private Beach
Almost every homestay have a beach in front of the cottages.  If you rent a cottage, the beach is yours! Our cottage perfectly located in front of Klapa Island with 3 hammocks and 1 tree board. Sunset will be presented with Klapa Island as a background.
This is everyone favourite’s hammock, the big one in the middle of the playground.

IMG_9416The Room
One cottage has 2 big rooms that fits to 12 persons and 3 bathroom with sitting toilet. There is common room and dining room also.
They use generator to turn on the electricity.

The Food
Our daily meals was prepared by the locals. Our meals were cooked by Mrs. Nami. Mrs. Nami’s red chili condiment was the best so far!
Mineral water, Lampung Black Coffee and instan white coffee are provided everyday. We had Marlin fish for barbeque. Everyone got 1/2 kilogram of Marlin. I didn’t eat rice, i just ate Marlin fish at barbeque time. Because marlin fish ala Chef Iwan was sooo delicious.

IMG_9063The Transportation
Jukung Boat is the only transportation around Kiluan. Jukung boat is a small wooden Indonesia outrigger canoe, usually use for traditional fishing boat. You will do island hoping with jukung boat, you will do dolphin haunt with jukung boat.

Pak Surya picked us with jukung boat at 06.00AM to start the dolphin hunting with sleepy face :)) We only drink few sips of mineral water. Avoid breakfast, because you will ride 30 – 60  minutes at jukung boat at open sea with some “little seasick”.  These are the bottlenose dolphins i met. The best moment when three dolphins alternately jumped in front of our jukung boat, and followed by the others three. :))

IMG_9555How to Reach Hidden Lagoon
We used jukung boat to get back to the first place we come. From there, we have to do short hiking for 30 minutes( 1km). I used flip flop and it’s a big no. I think use shoes is the best, since the way was so slippery. Half way down and Gayau Beach stranded in front of us. From Gayau Beach, we have to climb up reef and use the man-made bridge to get closer to the hidden lagoon. There are 3 lagoons: tiny lagoon, mini lagoon (50cm depth), big lagoon (1-2meter depth).

IMG_9555The Hidden Lagoon
Since we went there too late, the lagoon was full of people. Go to lagoon in the morning and you have a change to own the lagoon. The water was so clear. Tips from us: Wear proper shoes, bring hat, bring little bag to put your stuff, bring waterproof case for device, and don’t forget to rent googles for snorkeling. We met sea urchin and some mini fish with neon colour that swim around us.

IMG_9380The Sunset
We did enjoy sunset from hammock infront of the cottage, surrounding by peach colour Waru flowers. Mrs. Nami accompanied with Mumun were preparing wood for barbeque night. Nothing beats the sound of wave, view the sun set, smell of burning wood, and Mumun’s laugh.

The harmony between human and animals:

I met locals, stray cats, i met dogs, i met chicken, i met biawak, i met squirrel, i played with umang umang. And they live together in peace and harmony. Thank you Mas Iwan (top left), Pak Amin, Ibu Nami and Mumun (in the middle), Yogi (top right), and Gendon (bottom with black shirt) and all @KiluanDolphin Crew for the unforgettable two days at Kiluan!

What you have to bring in your carrier:
You have to bring these items below, or you can buy at minimart on the way to Kiluan. One more thing: don’t bring luggage, simply bring carrier daily backpack because jukung boat has no space for big luggage.
– Toilet Amenities: Towel, Soap, Shampoo, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste.
– Flip Flop
– Sunblock
– Extra memory card

Do you want your getaway with signal or no signal?
Again, it’s your desicion!
Holiday with full internet access and getting busy updated your status in every social media, or
real holiday without internet access. Ours was the last one. Sometimes, update status and photo can be wait until the next day.
For your note: only one operator that works in Kiluan, and it’s Telkomsel. We didn’t know that before, we think our sim card (XL) can works well.
Our holiday get started since XL shows “No Service” after 10 minutes left Tanjung Karang :))

IMG_9603What’s Bandar Lampung Unique Souvenirs?
Upon arrival at Bandar Lampung at day 3, we did some shopping Lampung Snacks at YenYen Shop (usually open until 9PM). You can ask your driver to drop you at the famous YenYen. He will patiently wait until you finish shopping.

YenYen ‘s Staff can bring around 20 boxes of banana chips and pass the door. You can bring basket and their staff will help you to find out the goods. If you run out of cash, don’t worry YenYen accepts debit BCA, hurray :D Yen
After shopping, don’t forget to try durian fruit at the durian stall in front of the shop. Medium durian will cost Rp. 35.000, it’s pretty cheap than Jakarta :9
From my last experience, i spent around 30 minutes to shop (based on August 2014):
1) Oval Banana Chips wrapped by samson paper bag: Rp. 8500/bag.
2) Wavy Banana Chips wrapped by silver plastic bag: Rp. 8500/bag. (Coffee flavour is my favourite) With the same brand, it costs Rp. 20.000 at snack shop in Jakarta.
3) YenYen Coffee 250gr: Rp. 11.000
4) Jempol Brand Coffee 250gr: Rp. 11.000
If you want to shop a lot and you’re a lazy person to bring a big souvenir box into airplane cabin like me, so YenYen Shop will take care for your big box. Don’t worry, shop as much as you can, and your big box will be sent to your home/office (of course with additional cost, Rp. 18.000/kg for one day delivery service). So you can travel light without bring the big box :))

Why i plan to go back to Kiluan? 
Kiluan warms my heart, Kiluan offers you lots of animal to meet, Kiluan gives you beautiful memories. The main reason i want to come back next year: I want to repeat the moments, get new surprise from the animals and nature at Kiluan. I want to meet the dolphins, play with umang umang, and  say hi to biawak and squirrel around the cottage!

Kiluan, surprise me next year!


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  • dear novi, we are glad that you enjoyed your trip with us to kiluan. many other spot you actually missed, which include karang pegadung, pasir putih and batu naga. come again and we will bring you there. cheers – @KiluanDolphin team –