Eat Vegan Food with Style

On December 2, 2016 by Novita Karana

ecYou are what you eat.
Did you hear this quote before?
If you put healthful foods inside your body, you will be healthy, if you eat unhealthful foods your body will be unhealthy.
Do you want to eat burger without feeling guilty getting fat?
Or eat spaghetti with meatballs with 0% animal cruelty?
Sure you can!

I was raised to love animal. My mom adopted like 10 – 12 stray dogs. The ugliest, the unwanted, the eliminated dogs turned into best friend and family in our home. My childhood was full of animal moments. Before going to kindergarten, I had my breakfast in the zoo everyday. I did my homework accompanied by all my dogs. I shared my food with them. So, since i was a little, i have strong connection with animals.

I tried some vegan restaurants in Bandung and Jakarta City, and it tasted not really good, the dish has a smell strange, like incense smell. After moved to Bali, it’s easier to find some vegan restaurants. I found one place that i love and become my favourite: Earth Cafe in Oberoi – Bali, a place where we can find a vegan meal taste sooo delicious and looks so fancy. Their place mats with nice quotes knocked my heart, one of them is:table-mat

I tried some of their menu and still crave for more. They’re strictly vegan restaurant, so you won’t find any animal products like honey, bee pollen, animal cheese products, and dairy product. Like the name, Earth Cafe committed to serve the best and healthy food without chemicals added and preservatives. Earth Cafe also care for the environment, they don’t use plastic. Their takeaway box made from recycled paper box, their spoon, fork, and knife are recyclable. They don’t use plastic straw, they use paper straw.

One of my favourite dish in Earth Cafe is Planet Platter. Sometimes I order takeaway the planet platter and have it at Double Six Beach. Indonesian people love to eat rice because of habbit, and we trust rice is the source of energy. Before go to school, my mom always cook rice and some dishes. So i always eat rice for breakfast, and almost of my friends do the same. We prefer rice than potato fries, or other carbohydrates. Rice should appears in every meal. I also saw my friend eat fried noodle with rice :D

Planet Platter comes colourful in plate (or you can request to serve in bowl also) is made based on macrobiotic principles: nutritiously balanced meal that includes Organic Brown Rice, two daily Protein dishes, Seaweed (my fav!), Pickled Salad & Greens of the day. They change the protein and green of the day daily, so you won’t get bored.
Small Planet Platter, 55K.

And i like their spaghetti with seitan meatballs. The portion is very big,  made me skip dinner.
Spaghetti with Seitan Meatballs, 98K.

I also tried their healthy breakfast bowl, the hype starter meal nowadays. It tastes so nice. The bowl contains seeded Granola Crunch with Coconut Yogurt and Mixed Berries. And then topped with Coconut Nectar. I felt full charged and have power to kick the day.
Coco Berry Bowl, 94K

And after you finish the main course, check their refrigerator. They have pleasant desserts, my favourite is strawberry tart, blueberry tart, and omega ball. The dessert cost around 20-60K/piece.
Sort of Sweet Tooth, 25 – 50K each.

My favourite beverage is Earth Cafe Lassies! It tastes very nice! They have 3 flavours of lassies: mango, strawberry, and banana mixed with date. My favourite one is strawberry.
Lassies, 39K each.

Where to sit?
My favourite seat in Earth Cafe Oberoi is the individual seat that facing big window. There’re 3 seats there, and i choose the right seat near cashier because it located near the power socket, so you can charge your handphone while eating. If you come in groups like 4-5 people, the orange sofa corner near the window will suit you the best.

What else’s to check?
Check their shelves, and you will amaze with the completed collection of spice, and some ingredients for cooking. You can find himalayan salt, rock salt, sage, rock salt, almond, acai juice, some tinctures, organic pop corn, recycled glass straw and everyday products.

Check the address below and make a drop! If you bring car, don’t worry, you can park your car there. Turn right and drive to parking area. Earth Cafe has big parking area for customers. So, do you want to give a try to vegan food with style?

Jl. Lesmana/Oberoi No. 99
Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm Mon – Sun


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