Cat, Cafe and Coffee = Purrrrfect!

On August 17, 2014 by Novita Karana

cat cafe


Do you love cats?
Do you love cats, want to have one, but you don’t have proper place to take care? That’s me! That’s why on my last visit to Singapore i dropped by at Cat Cafe. My dream is to visit all cat cafe in the world, and i have my own cat cafe. I met woman from Sweden who lives in Singapore, she visits Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa twice a week! She said that she loves the angels and she feels that being in cat cafe will make her happy.

I think the business is smart. Cat cafe sells drink and some cookies. But, the main menu of course is the cat! I ordered ice coffee, when my cup came, i just sip for one or two times, and what happen next:  i was  busy with my iphone, took picture and video :)) I totally forgot my ice coffee! You have to pay hourly entrance fee to enter this cafe. You don’t have to buy drink or snack, you can enter the cafe only with pay the entrance fee. In South East Asia, there’re some cats cafe in some countries. And i read the cat cafe Neko No Niwa in Singapore is the best one. What i love of this cafe is: all cats in Neko No Niwa was abandoned and they’re adopted and finally live happily in this place.

The Reason Why You Should Visit Cat Cafe
1) You will have memorable experience. Drink your ice cappucino where the cats walking around at your table!
2) You can help abandoned cat live happily with proper food
3) You will have a good mood, cuddling with furry friends can give you a chemical boost by releasing the feel-good brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine.
4) You will have lots of photo stocks to share in your instagram or facebook account.
5) You never know what unique experience that you will get. I saw Emma tear the tissue paper and play with it. I love when they curious and put their head inside my bag.

The Entrance Fee and Beverages
The entrance fee : SGD12/person for first one hour and SGD5/person for next 30 minutes. They only accept cash only. Last visit, i spent 2 hours inside the cafe. You don’t have to buy drink to get inside.  The drink cost around SGD 3-5.  They really keep the cafe and the cats clean everytime. I saw one of the crew cleaned the butt and ear with cotton and alcohol. Everytime the cats go back from toilet, they deftly clean their butt.

Cat Cafe Exterior

The Address and Operational Hours
The address is 54A Boat Quay, at second stairs, Singapore 049843. The best way to get there is with MRT. You can take exit at Raffles Place and walk for 400m, or exit Clarke Quay and walk for 450m. If you see the sign like the photo above, take the stairs to the second floor.

Stairs to Cat Cafe

The operational hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 11am to 10pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays : 10am to 10pm
Remember, they close every Tuesday. (They clean and steril the cafe)

On my experience, you should make a booking before visit. The cafe only fits for 25 persons, and you will have to wait in waiting list if you visit without reservation. I made my reservation by email to Sue replied me and she said the best time to visit is on 10AM or 11AM when the cats usually in active mood to play. After 12.30, almost cats will go to sleepy mode :))


shoes grass at cat cafeThe Rules of the Cafe
1) You have to walk at grass with your shoes, and then keep your shoes in shoes racks. A path of grass will lead you to the shoe rack. After doing that, you can free to walk everywhere at the cafe. There’s a toilet at the Cat Cafe.
2) Wash your hand to clean your hand from germs. For first time visit, you will be explained the rules, and receive a receipt with check in time and a guide book . There’s no alarm for the first one hour, we have to know the time to check out.
3) Never pulls cats’ tail
4) Don’t wake a sleeping cat
5) Never attempt to hold and carry cat, but it’s ok if they jump into your lap
6) Don’t use flash when you take a pic
7) Don’t allow cats to drink from your cup or plate
8) Speak softly at all the times. Cats don’t like loud or sudden noise.

See? They definitely king of the place!


Cat Cafe activities What to Do at Cat Cafe?
1) You can buy ice coffee and sit in high chair near the window (it’s my favourite place). The cats love to sit and sleep at this table, they also love to see the bird’s nest above.
2) Bring your favourite book. You can read books, they provide you some books
3) Do lots of photo without flash and post to your social media :p (they have speed wifi connection)
4) Do lots of video making. I did it.
5) You can sit at the sofa and let them get close to you and put their bag into your open bag
6) You can play with them. Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa provides toys, so you can play with the cats.
7) Brush the long hairy cat. They also provide special brush. Just find it inside the play box.
8) Play Catopoly, they provide the board game.
9) Sitting at the sofa, sip your ice coffee,  enjoy the cat activities, and get surprised!


What to Drink or Eat?
I had a cup of ice coffee for SGD 3.5. My ice coffee came with wooden cup on top of it. They serve from the window glass and they put a wooden up so the cats can’t lick your glass when you are playing around with them.


Some of the Cats
These are some of cats that interract with me. All of cats have been sterilised, vaccinated and micro-chipped.Emma

Emma1) Emma the white. The first cat that i interract with. She is suuupeerr adorable! They said, “Emma is a rare find – only 15% of all white cats with blue eyes are not deaf. She’s a sweet darling who makes friends easily and loves grooming other cats.” Emma really love to play with tissue. You better watch out your tissue, she will tear the tissue into pieces.

Jiajia 2) Jia Jia, the half ginger and half tortie face. I found her at the table near window, she was taking a bath. You can see her paw is sooo clean :)

Mr. White3) Mr. White. He has opposite name with his fur. His favourite spot is the green single sofa. He gave me greeting with his yellow eyes when i pass him.


4) Luna. They said, “Luna was picked up from a coffeeshop in the Ubi industrial area where she was found eating chicken rice, drinking coke and covered in oily soot. Rescued from all that, she is now an athletic, ever inquisitive cat with a real need for human company.” Luna love to stare from a high place.


Demi 5) Demi. Demi has marble coat with a pair of angel wings. She is a sweetie who just wants chin and belly rubs.

 6) Kai Kai, the golden yellow cat. Kai Kai is real attention seeker. Kai Kai and Jia Jia were rescued from a flooded canal in pouring rain along Bukit Timah Road when they were barely 3 months old. They were found around the same time the pandas arrived in Singapore from China, which explains their names.

Baloo7) Baloo. Baloo is the largest and heaviest of the cafe cats at 7.5kg :)) This gentle giant lumbers around like a mammoth with his shaggy fur and greets his fellow felines with a head butt or a body rub


8) Skittles. She was checking my new handmade bag from Saigon. I found that she put her bag inside my bag. Do you love the bag, Skittles? 

Ice Cappucino and Cats?  Let’s have cup of coffee accompanied by angels at Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa, They’re waiting for you, purrrr :)

Me and Sue at Cat Cafe Neko No NiwaMe and Sue, the owner of Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa.

cat cafe

The Address and Contact
Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa
54A Boat Quay, at second stairs, Singapore 049843.
The operational hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 11am to 10pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays : 10am to 10pm
Remember, they close every Tuesday. (They clean and steril the cafe)
Email for reservation:

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  • melmoy

    Pino, dirimu ga nyobain coffee nya? dibentuk kucing2 juga ga, kayak waktu fotomu di Jeju itu…hahayyy…pingiiiin!!!!

    • Mely :D Aku nyobain ice coffee nya Mel. Tapi ndak ada bentuknya kucing kucing hihihi. Di sini sangat higienis, gelasnya dikasih tutup biar pusnya gak bisa jilat jilat dan ikut minum dari gelas kita :))

  • melmoy

    hihihi lucuuu…semoga ntar aq bisa sempet kesana, ini lagi cari2 hostel murmer hehe, udh pernah nyoba hostel yg di lavender tahun ini pengen ganti tempat…any suggest?