Chatucak Market

On November 6, 2013 by Novita Karana

Sawadeeka :)

The main reason I went to Bangkok is because i read about Thailand on Twitter @ThailandYuk and also i heard about the beauty of Thailand from my friend @Wisnude.

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If you want to go to Thailand and have no idea where to go, @ThailandYuk will make you an itenerary for free. So, when i had birthday, i plan to see Thailand and take some day off.

The place that i want to go is Catucak Market. Don’t ever say ” I won’t buy anything at Catucak”, because when you enter the market, 15 minutes after that i guarantee your hand will hold some plastic bag :)) I want to shop and test your bargain skill on Catucak Market (Catucak is read Jatujak). This market opens only in Saturday and Sunday.
You can reach Catucak Market by:
1. BTS and exit at Mo Chit Station
You need to walk about 500m when you take BTS (but it’s ok, you won’t feel tired because the road full of cute stuff)
2. MRT and exit at Kamphaeng Phet Station.
If you take MRT, you just walk 20 steps to Catucak Market.
If you take BTS, this is view from BTS bridge (lot of sellers on the road):
At Catucak you can find anything here, just named it!
I saw apparel, sunglasses, food, merchandise, kitchen stuff, pet, and also second hand stuffs.
We plan to go to Catucak only in Saturday, guess what? We come back again on Sunday to pick up some stuff that still on our minds :))



Catucak Market is very hot, so you better prepare comfortable clothes. Some stores has air conditioner or fan to make customer comfort and stay little bit longer. Don’t forget to take a map on the MRT station before you exit the station. The map will tell you the number of section and also what kind of stuff that sell per section. On first day, i came with one bag, and went home with 3 bags full of shopping stuff. Suggestion @Wisnude for Tiger add on 25kg extra baggage is absolutely right. You should aware of your purse because there’re lot of ‘beware of pickpocket’ sign everywhere.


You can try lots of snack like octopus kinds of satay, fish boe, quail eggs, coconut ice cream, sort of drink (longan, lemonade, orange, promenade). The price around 35 – 40 bath. Every 20 steps there’re snack stalls that make my mouth watery. We bought octopus fish boe, quail eggs, kind of garlic breads. When you eat all of these snack, just forget colesterol things and the quail eggs tastes so good :9
chatucak5 chatucak7
The Coconut ice cream will refresh your energy after long walk and bargaining stuff. I bought this for 35 bath and also get free a glass of coconut water. You can pick 2 toppings, i chose sweet corn and peanut. chatucak6

There’s halal restaurant named Kah Jak at section 26. On second day, we tried green curry rice (right) and spicy chicken rice (left), every dish costs 70 bath. The owner of Kah Jak is Malaysian and she can speak Indonesian Malay language.
chatucak23 chatucak8

I made some conclusion of stuff’s prices after shop here for two days: (on November 2013)
1. Elephant long trousers with white band on hip : 150 bath (they will offer you 200 bath)
2. Elephant long trousers without white band (just rubber): 200 bath (they will offer you 250 bath)
3. Sort of bracelets: 3 for 200 bath (i found some seller offers 1 bracelet for 190-200 bath)
4. New Balance Original: 700 bath (they will offer you 1500 bath)
5. New Balance Copy: 350 bath (they will offer you 550 bath) The different is the fur, the original has softer fur.
6. Pattern Bag : 180 bath (they will offer you 200 bath)
7. Sunglasses: 20 bath (we didn’t bargain again because we think it’s cheap enough)
8. Handmade Elephant Purse: 5 for 100 bath (they will offer 5 for 150 bath)
9. Handmade Elephant Keychain: 60 bath (they will offer you 100 bath)

Maybe you have another update prices so we’ll know the bargain price :)

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