24. 08. 2016

The Ethics of Travel Business

5 Things About The Ethics of Travel Business In tourism business, there’re 2 kind of guests based from the number of the participants. FIT and GIT. FIT is Free Independent Traveller and GIT...

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24. 01. 2016

Malaysia, Home for The Twin Towers

On my birthday, surrounded by birds in Batu Cave. And i got unforgetable birthday gift: liquid bird’s poop on my hair :D I planned to have my getaway for 2 days in my...

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20. 10. 2015
Dubai Desert Safari

How to Enjoy Dubai in Short Time

Usually, we know Dubai for a place for transit. Guess what? Dubai has lots of cool places that worth for your time to explore. So, prepare your e-visa, enjoy Middle East, and get amazed!...

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26. 12. 2014

Good Day in Ha long Bay

Alasan pertama yang membuat saya ingin sekali ke Vietnam adalah HA LONG BAY! Suatu tempat yang cantik, romantis dan mistis, apalagi moment matahari terbit dan matahari terbenamnya. Semakin lama saya mencari informasi di internet,...

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23. 08. 2014

Colourful Chinatown in Singapore

If you are not into shopping, then you should take a “Chinatown not shopping “walking tour. :)) In the end, i realized that Chinatown is not really “China” in Singapore. There’re colourful differences stuff that...

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23. 08. 2014
me at chic

Capsule Hotel or A Hotel?

Capsule Hotel or Hotel? It depends on your destination. Some destinations will push you to choose capsule hotel. When you visit Singapore, everything is expensive, very different from other country like Vietnam. In...

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17. 08. 2014
cat cafe

Cat, Cafe and Coffee = Purrrrfect!

  Do you love cats? Do you love cats, want to have one, but you don’t have proper place to take care? That’s me! That’s why on my last visit to Singapore i...

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08. 06. 2014
At Seongsan Sunrise Peak

The Serene Jeju Island

  Jeju Island is one of seven wonders of nature. I think Jeju Island suits for couple or honeymooners. It’s really silent and peace, visit Jeju at April and you will see yellow...

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20. 02. 2014

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Wat Pho. Known also as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, its official name is Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawiha. I just realize that The Buddha  is reclining, not sleeping, because i...

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11. 12. 2013

Bling Bling at Grand Palace

You’re not go to Thailand if you’re not visit Grand Palace. I think you should visit Grand Palace once in your life. 500 bath entry fee (November 2013) is worth when you see...

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09. 12. 2013

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Because i love art, i plan to see some art at art centre. I visited BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. If you into the art, you must visit BACC, it takes 1...

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23. 11. 2013
take 04

Take A Nap

To have a good sleep at cheap and clean room is one big thing for me. We chose Take a Nap that recommended by @Wisnude and @ThailandYuk. Take A Nap is family hostel...

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15. 11. 2013

Teddy Bears, Kitkat Monster, and Bubble Gum Milk

Who doesn’t love teddy bear? Most of children love teddy bear, include me. Not only children, this fluffy and furry character also be loved by teen and adult. Mr. Jones’ Orphanage knows this...

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12. 11. 2013

Citylight from Red Sky Bar

Sawadeeka :) I always love to see citylight at night. When at Bandung City, i always choose Pasopati bridge when driving to North because from Pasopati bridge you can see beautiful citylights. When...

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10. 11. 2013
memei and wat arun

Magic Moment at Wat Arun

Sawadeeka :) One place must visits is Wat Arun. Wat Arun is among the best known of Thailand’s landmarks and Google says that the best moment to enjoy is when sunset come. So,...

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06. 11. 2013

Chatucak Market

Sawadeeka :) The main reason I went to Bangkok is because i read about Thailand on Twitter @ThailandYuk and also i heard about the beauty of Thailand from my friend @Wisnude. Used you...

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