Lim Mey LanHi,

Thank you for your time and dropped by to bigelbandel.com.
My name is Novita Karana. I simply called by my friends: Pino.

And i want to explore more destinations in my beautiful country, Indonesia. Some of the destination can be found on my blog. And maybe you can give yourself a shot to visit my country?

I wonder you keep asking, why my blog name is bigelbandel.
Bigel is name of dog’s breed : beagle. I made it simple : beagle to bigel.
I had once. His name is Dunhill. And he died because leptospirosis disease. Leptospirosis is a disease because of mouse’s pee. You know, beagle has dominant hunting instict and very curious about new stuff.

Bandel is Indonesia language for naughty.
Why? Because my Dunhill the beagle is naughty.
That’s it.
Pino and Dunhill

You can reach me by personal message to:

Email: bigelbandel@gmail.com
LINE: @pinonyuu
Instagram: @pinonyuu
Twitter: @pinonyuu
Facebook: Novita Karana

Cheers and have a good day

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