4 Coffee Shops At Drupadi Street

On December 18, 2016 by Novita Karana

Everyone loves coffee shop.
Some people come to coffee shop for the taste of coffee itself.
Some others come to stop for charging their handphone.
Some come for wifi, and some come just to chill in the middle hot of Bali paradise.
Me? I usually visit coffee shop for working, writing, speed wifi, and the good coffee.

I tried four nice coffee shops at Drupadi Street. Drupadi is one of the street that will lead your way to Double Six Beach. After the road end, you can turn right, go straight and then you will find beach. During my coffee shop hoping trip, i make notes for some coffee shops around Drupadi. You can check my coffee shop map below:

uma-garden-sittingUma Kopi
Address: Jl. Drupadi No. 3
Opening hours: 8AM – 7PM
AC: No
Price: 27k for cappucino and V60. You can check the price for other beverages here
Cappucino taste: 8/10
A cup of mineral water for free: Yes! and free refill
Electricity socket: 3 – 4 tables
Best place to sit: square table in front of the coffee bar because it near from electricity socket, and has shade. So you will be safe when raining come.
Wifi: Fast! Around 10Mbps

Uma Kopi located in the serene Drupadi Street, the heart of Seminyak. Drupadi street feels more quiet than the buzzy bee Kayu Aya street,  that’s why the coffee shop here is the best place to work. Not like other coffee shops with wooden style decor, Uma Kopi has simple garden concept with nature vibe. The sitting area is located in the garden, with 4-5 tables, 4 tables with shade and 3 tables without shade.  There’s one big table for sharing with other customers. I visited Uma Kopi in the morning, and most of the customers are Umahku BnB dormitory’s guest. The best time to visit is early morning till afternoon around 3-4PM. They closed in 7PM, but around 5PM – 7PM, i got mosquitos bites. So if you want to sit here, working all day long, better bring mosquito repellent like Soffell or Autan. You will need this around 5PM-7PM.

If you buy drink here, you can have access to the pool. They have shared pool in Fat Buddha, the restaurant neighbours. So the Umahku BnB guests, Uma Kopi customers, and Fat Buddha customers can use this pool. Small pool but nice with green everywhere. They also provides bridge card, children colouring book, chest, and some nice books to enjoy with the coffee.

uma-v60The V60 of Uma Kopi, made from Kintamani Bean. The V60 comes in nice wooden plate.

koop-coffee-barThe Koop Roastery

Address: Jl. Drupadi No. 66
Opening hours: 9.00AM – 4.00PM
AC: No
Price: 35k for cappucino (they have 3 choice of house blends to pick)
Cappucino taste: 7/10
A cup of mineral water for free: Yes!
Electricity socket: only available upstairs, 1 near the sofa
Best place to sit: in front of coffee bar (without electricity socket) and upstairs at sofa near the socket)
Wifi: A little bit slow, around 1,1Mbps for download and 0.24 for upload.

The Koop located in Drupadi street, in front of business building.  Nice place to chit chat and drop by for coffee. The owner is a Japanese and they use Balinese coffee. They have 3 house blends for their coffee.  House Blend 1 is made from Kintamani Catur Arabica 70% and Pupuan Robusta 30%. House Blend 2 is made from Kintamani Belantih Arabica 50% and Petang Arabica 50%. House Blend 3 is made from Kintamani Catur Arabica 40%, Petang Arabaica 40%, and Sumatra Arabica 20%. I tried house blend 3 who has 5 strong level.  All the staffs was nice and informative, and they have their own granola.


The strong cappucino made by The Koop, accompanied by delicious heart shape cake. I heart the cake, and will be back soon.

kreol-kitchen-interiorKreol Kitchen
Address: Jl. Drupadi No. 56
Opening hours: 8.00AM – 9.30PM
AC: No
Price: 23k for cappucino (use FREAK coffee)
Cappucino taste: 6/10
A cup of mineral water for free: Nope
Electricity socket: There’re 2 near the window
Best place to sit: near the window with paddy view (if you’re lucky) with electricity socket
Wifi: 3/10 (1,1Mbps for download and 0.24Mbps for upload)

Kreol located in front of Harrisimo Pizza, a pizza shop of Harris Hotel. Kreol is a nice place to have breakfast, work and writing, slow music, not so many people, and sometimes you can see birds flying above the green paddy field (if the time is right). I love some of the idea of this cafe:

1) Their menu book, made from Little Golden Book cover.
2) Their wishing wall. They create a wall that we can put our wish there. Cute!
3) The decorations, you should check it :D
4) They provide angel cards, oracle cards, and some inspiring book to be use at the venue.

kreol-kitchen-window-view-copyMy favourite seat is near the big window and paddy field. Choose the left seat, it has electricity under the table. You can work peacefully here, and sometimes the birds from the paddy field will say hi to you. And a young coconut (18K) will be perfect for the hot sunny day :)


The cappucino made by Kreol Kitchen. The taste was standard and i feel it comes with too much foam. I like cappucino with less foam. I will be back for writing and working here. 



the-cabin-lookThe Cabin

Address: Jl. Drupadi Gg Rukun No. 1
Opening hours: 7.00AM – 11.00PM
AC: Yes
Price: 30k for cappucino
Cappucino taste: 8.5/10
A cup of mineral water for free: Nope
Electricity socket: There’re 2. One near the window – table 01, and one near the wall beside table 303.
Best place to sit: outside if you love sun, and inside at table 03.
Wifi: 2/10 (0.69Mbps for download and 0.13Mbps for upload)

The Cabin located a little bit hidden from Drupadi main street. I found this when walking to found room for rent. And of course the atmosphere is more serene than the three above.  The decoration surrounded by brick exposed, surfer stuff, nice quotes, colourful lights. Nice place to work and writing, or just chit chat with friends. My favourite place is outside, have breakfast with sunlight touch in the morning. Some times you can meet stray cats pass by and say hello to you.

the-cabin-cappucinoCappucino, fruit slices with yoghurt and poached egg for breakfast. They use Italian coffee. The owner is Indonesian Surfer named Ms. Diah Rahayu. You can see her winning medal, trophy and pictures hanging on the wall.



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